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Most Hated All-Time Teams


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Who are your least favorite all-time teams? Mine would be easy......

Every Ohio State team - Well, I'm a die hard for Michigan, so no doubt here.

2010-2011 Miami Heat - Lebron? I don't like him or any team hes on.

2000s New York Yankees - I cannot stand teams who load teams up with all stars.

Your turn......

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1996-97 and 1997-98 Chicago Bulls

2003 New Jersey Devils

All-time Detroit Red Wings

2003-Present New England Patriots

All-time Los Angeles Lakers

2004 USC Trojans Football

2009 BYU Cougars Football (it's really an all-time hate, but I hate this one especially.)

All-time Pittsburgh Steelers

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All-time Yankees: I can't pick just one.

1998 Chargers: It pains me as a Chargers fan to put a Chargers team on here, but Ryan Leaf was horrible through-and-through, and is a punchline that will continue to haunt the franchise until the team finally wins a Lombardi.

2001, 2003, 2004, and 2007 Patriots: HATE.

2004 Red Sox: On one hand, they ended the annoying "Curse of the Bambino" whining. On the other hand, this team emboldened idiots like Bill Simmons to write increasingly-idiotic OH US POOR LONG-SUFFERING BOSTON FANS narratives even as the titles have kept rolling on in.

2003-04 Lakers: I hate all Lakers teams but this one was especially detestable, featuring Kobe at the pinnacle of his egotistical, psycopathic, glory-hogging ways. And yet, LeBron is more hated. :rolleyes:

2003 LSU: After a few years of dormancy, this team brought the arrogant, annoying ESS EEE SEE NATION back to the forefront of college football. Only one non-SEC team has won the National Championship since then, and that's Texas in '05 (by the dumbass rules of the NCAA, 2004 USC didn't count). Aside from that, I loathe just about any SEC team that has won a recent National Championship, especially Auburn this past season, but excluding the two Florida teams.

2005 Steelers: Super Bowl XL.

2007-08 Celtics: I can't stand Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, or Rajon Rondo.

2008 UNC and 2009 Duke: I hate both schools equally and watching them win back-to-back titles was painful.

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Any Yankees team.

2010 NYJets in particular.

2010-11 Miami Heat.

2005ish onwards Chelsea

Manchester United when they aren't winning (odd one this, but arrogance is one thing when your doing well, but it's quote another thing when you clearly aren't head and shoulders above everyone else!)

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The team that defeated my team in the ____ (insert year) playoffs.

The team that had that player who used to play on my favorite team, so now I hate him.

The team that spends the most money and are therefore the "best".

I heart this post.

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