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Best Uniform Match Ups


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Simple, pictures of the best uniform match ups you can remember.

Inspired by the LA Galaxy-Seattle Sounders game happening now.


2010 Cotton Bowl was another one I remember.


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My personal favorite (plus it was a good game)

Each team featured team colors that no other teams in the league have. Also, there were no repeated colors with both the teams. It featured a new look style by the Broncos with old school Packers. Old vs. New with a nice collection of differentiating colors

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Maybe not one of the "all-time great" match-ups, but I always think it's interesting to see the Lakers and Clippers match-up--two L.A. teams with such contrasting color schemes. It was especially nice when they wore these:


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I honestly think that Clippers/Lakers is one of the best-looking rivalries in sports (sadly, only aesthetically for Clippers fans). Signals' example is okay, but let's be honest - the rivalry looks best with the Lakers in yellow and the Clippers in red.



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The best matchup I've ever seen in person was Mercyhurst College vs the Royal Military College of Canada. Beautiful royal blue third jerseys with big green M's on the front and green and white stripes and Whalers pants against RMC's red version of the Maple Leafs throwbacks, a sweater that is gorgeous in any color. Putting the two side by side really made for a beautiful game (which was good, because Mercyhurst dominated), and looked as perfectly juxtaposed as hockey ever should be



And really people? You can't pick a whole bunch. Take THE BEST and go with that, rather than just posting any nice sports photo you can think of. ONE matchup can be the best, not five.

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