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Lights Out's NBA Series

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I'm sorry but these do not work at all. Far inferior to their actual uniforms. The honeycomb is too much, especially the coloring. The font choice goes away from the current more New Orleans-inspired font. And the striped side panel on the shorts doesn't go with the shoulder design.

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Suns: Amazing. Much, much better than what they wear now.

Hornets: While unique and great presentation, I don't think it's an upgrade over what they currently wear, which is one of the best looks in the NBA IMO.

Can't wait to see more, though.

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Update on the Hornets is a big upgrade, IMO. I would buy that alternate jersey in a heartbeat and I'm not even a fan of the team.

I like what you did with the Suns, too, but as has been said already, the numbers are a little too wide. I would use a number like 88 as your guide for width and then go from there.

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