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Favorite College Basketball Uniforms

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These MSU uniforms were always my favorite of their ever changing set in the 00s. The new Nike rebrand stinks.


My high school uses this template now...makes some pretty nice uniforms



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Always liked the 93 Arkansas unis with the asymmetrical striping but the really traditional lettering:


And loved these growing up:


They had the chief head on the side. I'd love some of those in a modern cut. White, Navy or Orange.

And I also really dug the Villanova and St. Johns ones from the Kerry Kittles and Felipe Lopez eras respectively.

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Most of my favorites have already been posted (Juan Dixon-era Maryland, Iverson-era Georgetown, Kendall Gill-era Illini, mid-90s Cincy, Mid 00s Michigan State), but here's some others:






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Kirk Hinrich era Kansas Nike unis


more to come...

As a lifelong Kansas fan, I've always kind of hated these uniforms. Nike did some great stuff in the 90's, and I felt like KU got the short end of it. I long for that typeface, but I'm eternally bothered by the fact that the blue patch comes to a point on the jerseys and is rounded off on the shorts.

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Being a homer here, I have to go with the Buckeye's current set: 10739961-standard.jpg



tosu's shorts look like the should be worn by the lacrosse team.

are ucla and indiana the only 2 college basketball teams that don't change uniforms regularly and could call a classic look?

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