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2012 NBA Playoffs Prediction Thread


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Well, it's that time of year again. The playoff matchups have been set and they kick off this Saturday. Here they are:


1. Chicago Bulls hosting 8. Philadelphia 76ers

2. Miami Heat hosting 7. New York Knicks

3. Indiana Pacers hosting 6. Orlando Magic

5. Atlanta Hawks hosting 4. Boston Celtics


1. San Antonio Spurs hosting 8. Utah Jazz

2. Oklahoma City Thunder hosting 7. Dallas Mavericks

3. Los Angeles Lakers hosting 6. Denver Nuggets

4. Memphis Grizzlies hosting 5. Los Angeles Clippers

Now, I'll give you my predictions. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of upsets this postseason. I'll try to give analysis in every one of my picks.


Bulls over 76ers in 5

While the Sixers showed promise at the beginning of the season, they don't have the pieces to beat a team like the Bulls just yet. Chicago should take this series with relative ease.

Heat over Knicks in 4

The Heat are a scary team come playoff time, and the Knicks are just flat out inconsistent. Sorry, but I don't think New York stands a chance in this one. I say Miami gets the sweep.

Pacers over Magic in 4

I think the most underrated team in basketball will surprise a lot of people by how easily they put away the Dwight-less Magic. I'm calling for another sweep in this series.

Celtics over Hawks in 6

Even though the Celtics are the 4 seed and Atlanta is the 5, the Hawks have a better record, and thus, home court advantage. As a Celtics fan, it's hard to pick against my team. I truly think they're the better team in this series, as they match up with the Hawks very well, who will not have Al Horford. It won't be easy, but I say the Celtics take it in 6.

Spurs over Jazz in 5

Is there a team hotter than the Spurs right now? The Jazz have a bright future ahead of them but don't have the talent to compete with San Antonio in a 7-game series just yet.

Thunder over Mavericks in 6

A pretty disappointing season should come to an end for the defending NBA champions in a Western Conference Finals rematch. Oklahoma City is the much stronger team in this match-up, and has last year's loss at motivation.

Lakers over Nuggets in 7

The Lakers have a bad habit of letting teams hang around in playoff series more than they should. However, ultimately, they are able to shut the door. This year's Lakers team may not be as talented as in years past, but they shouldn't be over matched by the Nuggets.

Grizzlies over Clippers in 7

In this match up, I see potential for a very exciting series. This is a very good match up between the pesky Grizzlies and the reloaded Clips. I think the Grizzlies will edge LA in the end, ending a successful first year of the Clippers turn around.


Bulls over Celtics in 6

As much as I believe in the Celtics, I have a very hard time seeing them get past the Bulls. They've had much more trouble with the Bulls in recent years than they have with Miami. Celtics should challenge the Bulls, pushing it to game 6, but ultimately Chicago will prevail.

Pacers over Heat in 7

I really think this NBA postseason will be the one where the Pacers shock the world. As I said before, I believe they are vastly underrated. My bold prediction is that they beat Miami in 7 games.

Spurs over Grizzlies in 7

The Grizzlies last April bounced the number one seeded Spurs from the playoffs in round one. This year, however, the Spurs are a much hotter and more dangerous team. There's no doubt that the Grizzlies can give San Antonio a run for their money, but the Spurs should take this series and advance to the West finals.

Thunder over Lakers in 5

Despite what they did last Sunday, the Lakers are inferior to the up and coming OKC Thunder. I predict a relatively easy series win for them over LA.


Pacers over Bulls in 6

I'm really going bold with my Pacers predictions, but I truly believe that they are title contenders this year. They showed last year in round one that the can compete with Chicago, and have improved greatly since then. I think they'll shock the NBA by going to the finals this season.

Spurs over Thunder in 7

If this becomes reality, it should be a very exciting series. There's no team hotter than the Spurs right now. The Thunder are so, so close, but not quite there in my mind. I believe the Spurs will be victorious in this match up.


Spurs over Pacers in 5

As I said before, the Spurs are the hottest team in the NBA. In the end, I believe they will be victorious, continuing the dynasty that began with the title victory in 1999.


Well, those were my predictions, now I'd like to hear yours. They don't have to be as detailed as mine, or even have to be series predictions. Any type of predictions would be great, such as the most exciting series we're going to see, what players will have the biggest impact, bold predictions, etc. I really want to get some good basketball discussion going here.


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Give me an all former ABA final any day.


Eastern Conference

Bulls over Sixers in 5

Heat over Knicks in 6

Pacers over Magic in 5

Celtics over Hawks in 5

Bulls over Celtics in 6

Heat over Pacers in 5 - Not yet young Pacers, not yet...

Bulls over Heat in 6

Western Conference

Spurs over Jazz in 5

Thunder over Mavs in 6

Lakers over Nuggets in 5

Grizzlies over Clippers in 7

Grizzlies over Spurs in 7

Thunder over Lakers in 5

Thunder over Grizzlies in 5

NBA Finals

Thunder over Bulls in 6




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I'll take the Bulls in a four game sweep over the Sixers.

The Heat in five over the Knicks.

Pacers over a Dwight Howard less Magic team in five.

Celtics over Hawks in five.


Spurs over Jazz in four.

Thunder over Mavericks in five.

Lakers over Nuggets in five.

Clippers over Grizzlies in seven.

Don't think many of these series are going to be that competitive but we'll see.

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First round predictions:


Bulls def Sixers 4-0

Heat def. Knicks 4-2

Magic def. Pacers 4-2

Hawks def. Celtics 4-3

Bulls def. Hawks 4-3

Heat def. Magic 4-1

Heat def. Bulls 4-2


Spurs def. Jazz 4-3

Thunder def. Mavericks 4-1

Nuggets def. Lakers 4-2

Clippers def. Grizzlies 4-1

Clippers def. Spurs 4-2

Thunder def. Nuggets 4-2

Thunder def. Clippers 4-3


Heat def. Thunder 4-1


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First Round


Chicago 4, Philadelphia 1

Miami 4, New York 2

Indiana 4, Orlando 0

Atlanta 4, Boston 3


San Antonio 4, Utah 2

Oklahoma City 4, Dallas 2

Denver 4, LA Lakers 2

Memphis 4, LA Clippers 2

I really think the West is going to feature some good playoff basketball. I like Denver as the surprise of the round, and for the OKC-DAL series to be the toughest of the 6-gamers. I'll wait and do second round picks later, but I will say that I'm keeping an eye on Indiana.


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Round 1


Bulls in 4 (The Sixers are fortunate to even be in the playoffs, they've fallen off a cliff. The Bulls will roll pretty easily in this series.)

Heat in 4 (Most exciting sweep in NBA history.)

Pacers in 4 (The Magic barely had a shot to make it to Round 2 WITH Dwight. Without him? Them boys in trouble. Pacers are a lock to advance.)

Hawks in 7 (IMO, they're evenly matched. Hawks will win because this is the only time of year where the Hawks actually have some sort of homecourt advantage.)


Spurs in 4 (Jazz are a nice story...but the Spurs are on buzzsaw mode right now.)

Thunder in 7 (The Champs will go down in the 1st round, but not without a fight. This will be an epic series for it to only be Round 1.

Lakers in 6 (Cue the "Lakers will draw this series out to 6 games so that Metta World Peace can play the entirety of Round 2" conspiracies.)

Grizzlies in 7 (I just have a bad feeling about the Clippers come playoff time. They've been too much of a 2-man show lately. Only 3 man shows work. :P In all seriousness, Z-Bo, The Other Gasol, OJAM, & Gay are primed to pull off another 1st round upset.

Round 2


Bulls over Hawks in 6 (New year, same result.)

Heat over Pacers in 5 (The Pacers are gonna get a bye to the second round since the Magic are in utter disarray right now. Unfortunately, they better get the tylenol because the Heat are gonna dumptruck these boys.)


Spurs over Grizzlies in 6 (Tough series, but Spurs will avenge their embarrassing 1st round exit from last season.)

Thunder over Lakers in 6 (The Lakers are gonna have to play perfect basketball if they're gonna have a chance of advancing. The Thunder are clearly the better team, and the Lakers just don't have a deep enough team to go deep into the playoffs.

Round 3

Heat over Bulls in 7 (Another epic series from these two. The Heat will defend the Eastern conference crown.)

Thunder over Spurs in 7 (This is where the age will catch up to the Spurs. Plus, the Thunder are still the best team in the West, IMO. Gonna be one hell of a fight.)


Heat in 6 (This will probably be the start of a pretty epic cross-conference rivalry between this two, for years to come. I don't see the Thunder falling down in quality any time soon, and the Heat are definitely set for a few years. But yeah, I made this prediction in December and I'm sticking to it. The Heat are gonna take care of unfinished business from last year.)

TFoA Dream Finals

Hawks over Spurs in 4 (Just because a Hawks-Spurs NBA Finals would kill the NBA but would make me the happiest camper in the world.)



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Chicago Bulls over Philadelphia 76ers in 5

Miami Heat over New York Knicks in 5

Indiana Pacers over Orlando Magic in 4

Atlanta Hawks over Boston Celtics in 7

Chicago Bulls over Atlanta Hawks in 6

Miami Heat over Indiana Pacers in 5

Chicago Bulls over Miami Heat in 6


San Antonio Spurs over Utah Jazz in 5

Oklahoma City Thunder over Dallas Mavericks in 5

Los Angeles Lakers over Denver Nuggets in 6

Los Angeles Clippers over Memphis Grizzlies in 7

Los Angeles Clippers over San Antonio Spurs in 7

Oklahoma City Thunder over Los Angeles Lakers in 4

Los Angeles Clippers over Oklahoma City Thunder in 7


Los Angeles Clippers over Chicago Bulls in 6

Somebody has to pick the Clippers, may as well be me.

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Chicago over Philadelphia in 6

Miami over New York in 5

Indiana over Orlando in 5

Boston over Atlanta in 7

Boston over Chicago in 6

Miami over Indiana in 5

Miami over Boston in 7


San Antonio over Utah in 4

Oklahoma City over Dallas in 5

L.A. Lakers over Denver in 7

L.A. Clippers over Memphis in 6

San Antonio over L.A. Clippers in 5

Oklahoma City over L.A. Lakers in 6

San Antonio over Oklahoma City in 6


San Antonio over Miami in 6

I'm being a total homer, I know.


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Spurs 4

Jazz 1

Grizz 4

Clips 2

Nuggets 1

Lakers 4

Thunder 4

Mavs 0

Grizz 4

Spurs 2

Lakers 3

Thunder 4

Grizz 2

Thunder 4


Bulls 4

Sixers 1

Celtics 3

Hawks 4

Magic 0

Pacers 4

Knicks 0

Heat 4

Bulls 4

Hawks 2

Pacers 4

Heat 3

Pacers 4

Bulls 3


Pacers 1

Thunder 4

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1st Round


Spurs 4, Jazz 1

Clippers 4, Grizzlies 3

Lakers 4, Nuggets 2

Thunder 4, Mavericks 1


Bulls 4, 76ers 1

Celtics 4, Hawks 3

Pacers 4, Magic 1

Heat 4, Knicks 2

Conference Semi-Finals


Spurs 4, Clippers 1

Thunder 4, Lakers 2


Bulls 4, Celtics 2

Heat 4, Pacers 0

Conference Championships


Thunder 4, Spurs 3


Heat 4, Bulls 3

2012 NBA Finals

Thunder 4, Heat 3.

It's what I predicted at the start of the season so I'm sticking to it lol.

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I think everyone either had the Thunder vs. Bulls/Heat :P

Pretty tough to argue with that.

The Bulls and Heat have been the only two teams in the East that were consistently good all year and both have playoff experience.

The Thunder may be the most balanced team in the NBA in terms of bench depth and inside versus outside play and like the Bulls and Heat have a pretty good playoff pedigree.

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Well, this is my first year following basketball (aside from copying my dad about the Lakers when I was a toddler), and I chose the Pacers before the season. Never thought anyone but delusional Indianapolisians would be picking the Pacers to go to the finals.

That being said, go Pacers!

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Western Conference

Spurs vs Jazz

Clippers vs Grizzlies

Lakers vs Nuggets

Thunder vs Mavericks

Spurs vs Grizzlies

Thunder vs Lakers

Lakers vs Grizzlies

Eastern Conference

Bulls vs 76ers

Celtics vs Hawks

Pacers vs Magic

Heat vs Knicks

Bulls vs Hawks

Heat vs Pacers

Bulls vs Heat

The Finals

Heat vs Lakers

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Well, this is my first year following basketball (aside from copying my dad about the Lakers when I was a toddler), and I chose the Pacers before the season. Never thought anyone but delusional Indianapolisians would be picking the Pacers to go to the finals.

That being said, go Pacers!

As a minor point of clarification, there really is no official or even unoffical denonym for denizens of Indianapolis.. they all just fall in under "hoosiers"?well except me, I'm a quasi-hoosier. :P That said, I'm right there with you...go Pacers!

(And I'm a Florida native...let that one speak to you.)

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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Bulls over 76ers in 5

Heat over Knicks in 4

Pacers over Magic in 5

Celtics over Hawks in 7

Bulls over Celtics in 6

Heat over Pacers in 5

Heat over Bulls in 6


Spurs over Jazz in 5

Thunder over Mavericks in 6

Lakers over Nuggets in 5

Grizzlies over Clippers in 6

Grizzlies over Spurs in 6

Thunder over Lakers in 5

Thunder over Grizzlies in 6


Heat over Thunder in 6



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Spurs over Jazz

Clippers over Grizzlies (ONLY if CP3 is healthy enough to play)

Lakers over Nuggets

Thunder over Mavs

Spurs over Clippers

Thunder over Lakers

Spurs over Thunder


Bulls over Sixers

Hawks over Celtics

Pacers over Magic

Heat over Knicks

Hawks over Bulls (upset special)

Heat over Pacers

Heat over Hawks


FINALS: Heat over Spurs in 7, although I'm tempted to pick the Spurs.


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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