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The 50 Best Band Logos of All Time

Broken Record

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Glad the Black Flag, Ramones & Public Enemy logos were included, but this was a big ommission:


Love the band and the logo.

I'm also shocked that the Foo Fighters logo was left out.

This is another favorite of mine:


While it's not exactly a logo per se, what started as recurring album artwork has come to symbolize the Descendents. It's recognizable, it's memorable, and there's no mistaking it for another band's logo. I also like that on various album and single covers, it's been altered while still remaining the same, if that makes sense.



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Some of these logos aren't very good, some a pretty good, and some I have never seen before. My favorite logos on that list were The Who, Aerosmith, the Led Zeppelin script, Radiohead, Queen, Metallica, and the Rolling Stones. My least favorite logo is Deadmau5.

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Simple, to the point.

Even the most ardent atheist would have to concede that any logo that uses the overused Ghostbusters slash-thru is a lazy, derivative rip-off. This could easily be in the worst band logo thread (if there is one).

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I feel like a lot of those were included because of the band, not the logo itself. There's some pretty bad logos on that list, and how did they leave FF out? Anyway, one of my favorite, more current band logos:


I don't look at this logo the same as I used to since the Miami Marlins came into existence.


I know it's not the same, but it still is very similar, right down to the colours.

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