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Good Album Artwork

Dexter Morgan

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Ooh, I love Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space. The music, too! That they went all out with the packaging was terrific. Stuff like that is what we'll miss in the all-digital era.

Good call on the Steely Dan. That's the weakest Portishead, though; I'd have gone with the uber-noir s/t cover. Born in the USA is the most iconic Springsteen cover but musically speaking the album is one of his worst.


My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

Not many albums sound the way they look like this one. A big fuzzy indistinct warm pink mess is just about right for Loveless. One of my favorite albums ever, too. I love the way it sounds assaulting at high volumes and embracing at low volumes.


The Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

I can't articulate what makes this such a strong statement, but I just sort of nod my head and "get it" all the same. This album is better than Nevermind and Ten combined and anyone who disagrees is wrong. There, I said it.


Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch!

What a quintessential Blue Note cover. That's the way it's done. And I do love experimental jazz. This has a nice, angular feel to it. Reminds me of something John Kricfalusi would use.

I included this in my post so I could have a nice red/yellow/blue thing going :)

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My favorite album ever, and the cover just fits. It's got so many layers & I can't help but notice something new every time I see it, just like the music.


I just love the sheer guts of this.


Minstry - Psalm 69

Another case of cover fitting album perfectly. Dark & brooding with a vague sense of menace, whilst still being beautiful in a weird way.

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The Strokes - Angles


I realize design is subjective but as a big fan of The Strokes previous album covers (particularly Room on Fire and the American version of Is This It) I found this one underwhelming at best and gaudy at worst.

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I don't know how this thread went 14 posts without Doin Thangs.

Because the name of the thread is Good Album Artwork.

Are you kidding? I would literally buy that just for the cover.

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