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Logos associated with failure.


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While we discuss usually when a company changed their logo whether its an upgrade or downgrade from the previous logo.

Sometimes a company will change their logo to try to freshen their failing brand up, and then fail either way, always forever having that last logo being associated with their demise.

So lets post some examples!


This happened 2 years ago, january 2011, this week THQ sold all their assets to other companies and is no longer basically.

and an older example.


Introduced in 1999, wcw would never beat wwf raw is war in the ratings again and 2 years later would be sold.

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I don't remember the Sabres or the Gap going under once they changed to those.

My interpretation of "failure" was a design concept that floundered very quickly. Sorry if my suggestions weren't According To Hoyle. The world will keep on spinning.

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Most are missing the point if you're looking for refreshes that then failed. I didn't miss the point, I just don't think there are that many that fit the definition. I thought ValuJet did a version of this without the so-called "critter" (cartoon plane) after the Everglades crash but I couldn't find an example.

For those unfamiliar with what happened to them, ValuJet was acquired by AirTran which has since been bought by Southwest.



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Looking at rebrands that failed, I would nominate Oldsmobile:


Oldsmobile had very strong brand identity and brand loyalty in the 80s, with the streamlined straight-line rocket logo, having a market place of being more luxurious than Pontiac or Chevy and more performance-oriented than Buick or Cadillac. In the mid-90s, GM sought to refresh the brand against foreign imports by dumping the Cutlass and the 98, moving to the logo on the right, and muddying the identity by downplaying the rocket/V-8 performance history (did you know that logo on the right is supposed to conjure images of rocket-fast speed?) as they emphasized Pontiac as a performance model and downplayed the luxury elements in comparison to how they kept marketing Buick.

They were gone for good in 2004. They even made good cars and still had lingering brand loyalty, but rebranding to make yourself more generic seems like a recipe for failure. It's kind-of what happened to Pontiac later on when they decided to make Pontiac the producer of the Aztec and the Vibe.

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