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2013 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos


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Yeah, I still don't know why they've always worn white pants on the road when they already have a silver pair. Their silver actually seems to be a little light, but that's an easy fix if it's actually as light as it looks.

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Dolphins in aqua pants

Vikings in purple pants

Saints in black pants

Titans in navy pants

Rams in throwbacks

why do the saints insist on wearing black pants, does anyone in their organization realize the gold pants look so much better

Let's just be thankful that when they were on the biggest stage they decided to wear their best (road) look. The Saints winning the super bowl in black leggings would've been a disgrace.

Back in the summer, there was a bit of discussion as to how much the Vikings new purple pants would actually be worn. Well, as of today, as the Vikings season mercifully ends, they wore them at every road opportunity. The only road game that didn't feature purple pants was against Dallas, when they wore purple jerseys. In fact, thanks to the questionable (OK... horrible) decision to go all purple in one home game, the purple pants got worn just as often as the white pants... 8 to 8. Pretty surprising to me.

Weird fact. They actually wore white on white in the two road preseason games... which probably led a few of us to think they'd just mothball the purple pants all together.

I think a lot of teams only use one set of pants for the preseason so that they don't have to buy two sets of pants for the fifty something guys who won't make the team. At least, I know that's why the cheapskate Bengals have only worn their white pants in the preseason the last few years.

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Remember any combos posted prior to game or posted prior to an announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed.

Post Season Wild Card Weekend (Byes: Broncos, Seahawks, Patriots, Panthers)

Chiefs @ Colts


Saints @ Eagles


Chargers @ Bengals


49ers @ Packers


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