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Creighton Unveils New Logo


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I like it. The bluejay looks fantastic but I have some nitpicks with the font. The rounded tops on the C, G and O are bothering me just a little, but it's still pretty good. Also it appears they are replacing black with a dark navy? Very nice.

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This is stunning. To the casual observer, it might have too many similarities to the Toronto Blue Jays, particularly the blue line that extends from the beak, through the eye, and to the back of the head, just like Toronto's logo, but this has much more depth and just pops right out at you. It did take three shades of blue and two shades of gray to accomplish that depth, but it is still a great identity and looks great on the court. The second I first saw it I liked it, and the more I look at it, the more impressed I am.

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