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College Football 2014 Season


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Minnesota looked good, and I agree with an above post, that the white pants needed at least a maroon stripe.

LOLOLOL at Wisconsin/Nebraska. Very very similar unis except one team wore a red jersey. Looked kinda like a spring game for one team. Wisconsin could have worn their red helmets maybe? Nebraska could have worn their red pants maybe? Why go out there looking like the other team?

Duke looked good.

I liked UNC too today.

TTU = awful. I think the best uni's I've seem them in this year was maybe their first home game, with gray pants and just normal regular stripes on said pants and the black jerseys.

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Texas helmets look a little different tonight... are those chrome decals or is it just the lighting?


Yeah it looks like they have metallic logos.

Looks good as long as they don't bust out the practice jerseys in a game, which i actually wouldn't mind that much if they fix where the black is at


(this pic also tells me that Texas NEVER needs to have helmet stripes)

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Nothing says The U football like orangeish metallic helmets, dark gray jerseys, and dark gray pants. That's the U I know. LOL

If they win this game with these awful horrible disgusting uni's, I wonder if they make them permanent?!?! haha

Me and my roomate were discussing this: we agreed that the U should be in W-O-W or G-O-W at home and W-W-W on the road, plus maybe like a green or all orange alt. Their new set is pretty bad all together.

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Some thoughts:

- Minnesota looked good from the waist up. Not sure what the helmet stripe said, but it's hardly noticeable (I despise team names/nicknames/slogans/etc. being visible anywhere besides in the regular NOB area), so I didn't mind here.

- I wish Oklahoma State would only use the giant Pete (IIRC that's his name, right?) head logo once, maybe twice a year and stick to the "OSU" helmet logo. Unpopular opinion as it may be, I wish they still wore the gray helmets/jerseys/pants, too. I won't lie--the finish on OK State's helmet above does look nice.

- TCU and Utah continue to show the way on to how to do modern uniforms right. Also good to see Utah's red helmets (though with black facemasks) again, too.

- My alma mater Utah State looked great in White/Navy/White against New Mexico. They had it the other way around against Wyoming last week (Navy/White/Navy).

- BYU did their blackout against an all-gray UNLV. The Cougars' blackout uniforms will be worth it should they revert to Royal Blue (what blue is on the blackout uniforms is more of a royal). Admittedly, I like BYU's black helmet, maybe because it gives a good idea of what a blue helmet would look like.

- Arizona's combo (Navy/Red/Navy) is among some of their best looks in the current set, but the Wildcats need some work on said set. Washington needs to cut waaaaaay back on their chrome domes and wear gold pants more often.

- I usually like all-white uniforms, but Arizona State can't really pull it off with too little burgundy and gold. Also, coloring in the giant pitchforks (burgundy outlined in yellow, though vice-versa would work too) and putting them on both sides of the helmets would go a long ways in helping the Sun Devils stand out. I'd also love to see the Sun Devils go with a yellow jersey. Oregon State looks good, but will we see the orange and white helmets again?

- Not so sure about Texas Tech's look, but maybe a gradient jersey wouldn't look so bad if it were broken up (Black Helmet/Red to Black jersey/Red Pants or White/Red to Black/White), but then again, it would seem very un-Texas Tech-like to wear white helmets and pants. Then again, again, maybe gradient jerseys aren't such a good idea to begin with.

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