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Historic Moments That You Were Able To See In Person


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I saw Jim Thome hit his 400th HR, and, had the Reds not benched him for the series, Griffey could've hit 500 in the same game.

I also saw someone hit for the cycle on the Orioles. Part of me thinks it was Kevin Millar, but I'm not positive.

Edit: It was Aubrey Huff...I knew it was a 1B.

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The Steve Moore incident

Canucks clinch Presidents Trophy 2011

Celtic 2 Barcelona 1 in the 2012-13 Champions league. Loudest and by far the best atmosphere I have ever felt at a sporting event

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Getting this back on topic, I went to Game 3 of the 2010 NCLS and Game 1 of the 2010 World Series at AT&T Park, and (as you may have guessed from my screename) I had an absolute blast.

What history was made at those games?

Got to witness game one of the Giants first ever World Series win in San Francisco. Quit being a dick.

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This topic came up in discussion with a friend last night, so I was reminded that I:

1. Was at the first Seattle Sounders MLS game.

2. Was at the first Portland Timbers MLS game.

3. Was at the first rain delay in Seattle Mariners history. The roof got stuck.

I also missed Randy Johnson's no hitter in 1990 because it was raining.

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This is really gonna show my age, but when I was 15, my older brother took me to Game 6 of the World Series between the Yankees and Dodgers at Yankee Stadium in 1977.


Wasn't a fan of either team and actually really didn't like the Yankees but we rushed the field anyway. During the final inning we snuck up to the first row in left field and at one point my brother was sitting on the outfield wall with his legs dangling in play! Oh the 70s!

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Dave Stewart's no-hitter vs Toronto 06/29/90, the same night as Fernando Valenzuela's no-no; the first time a no-hitter in each league on the same day.

Something not really something.

I was at the opening 2010 Olympic hockey games for USA v Switzerland, Canada v Norway, & Russia v Latvia. All on the same day, it was f'ing amazing.

I'd had my tickets 'won' (national lottery for priority seating, etc) 18 months in advance. I knew I was going to be there the moment Vancouver was awarded the games.

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First night race at the Daytona International Speedway.

Three Indianapolis 500's.

Sterling Sharpe's last game.

Eagles beating the Giants for the NFC East title in the 2001 shoulda been final game, but 9/11 added another week.

The Buccaneers Greg Schiano incident that involved the Bucs going full speed at the Giants on a kneel down play.

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