NHL 2017 by Heitert - CAROLINA HURRICANES - 4.16.17

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I'd eliminate the white from the Yotes set and replace it with sand. With the red, teal, and sand you have enough going on, the white adds nothing but clutter. And I prefer the original striping pattern!


Loving the Nashville update, and the Carolina jerseys look great! The logo isn't exactly great, but that's the team's fault more than yours. Love the hem striping.  

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Coyotes: I agree with @Morgo, replace the darker maroon with black and call it a day.


Predators: My only gripe is that I hate ditching the guitar strings, on the numbers. Embracing the Music City identity is one of the strongest points of their current set. Aside from that, loving the updated version. Gold only works on a home uniform if it has navy to pull the feel darker, something you executed well.


Hurricanes: Not crazy about the CH mark. I think the flag logo would be a step up. Arizona and Carolina are the two teams that should not be using traditional striping, and I love that your sets reflect that.


Looking forward to more!

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Haven't updated this in a bit. Any more comments on the 'Canes, or, any other team for that matter? 


Next up, we have: 


SAN JOSE SHARKS - 4.27.2017


Logos: I was very disappointed when I saw that San Jose released a new alternate logo but did nothing to their primary mark. Now, I'm not sure if they intend to phase out the primary in favor of one of the new alternates, unfortunately orange is still being utilized in the color scheme. Teal and orange works great together obviously, (see: Miami Dolphins) but the Sharks use really dark, murky shades of those colors. Besides, teal and silver work just fine on their own, along with black and white, there's really no need for an additional color. The primary logo features the partial shark logo without the 'S' on the bottom. I for one, think it looks incredibly forced and is a fine logo without it. The colors are slightly altered: elimination of orange and black, a lighter teal, and a slightly green silver (think Dallas Cowboys). The alternate is simply a recolor of San Jose's "shark fin" logo. 


Uniforms: I drew inspiration from the Sharks' inaugural uniforms, which, are arguably some of the best first-season uniforms in sports history. The hem stripes frame the logo better than a traditional flat striping pattern and the number font from the Sharks' late-90s/early-2000s set makes a comeback along with the angular sleeve stripes from their alternate of that era. 



Logo Set.png

Jersey Set.png

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