Ranking the NFL/Nike Uniform changes

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2 minutes ago, Skape7 said:
  • Dolphins 2.0. = A. The orange gives this design life again. It finally feels like MIAMI DOLPHINS again.
  • Lions = A- Maintains much of the classic identity
  • Vikings = B+ A modern approach to a classic design. I even like some of the "viking style" flourishes in the sleeve stripes & numbers
  • Seahawks = B- I think these uniforms are unfairly maligned. Neon green is used in just the right ways IMO
  • Dolphins 1.0 = C. Without orange, it looked mostly lifeless, especially compared to the throwbacks
  • Titans = C- While it definitely has that NIKE overdesigned thing going on, most of the elements work well. I like the sword sleeves
  • Jags 2.0 = C- Overcorrected for their former atrocities by creating one of the blandest uniforms of all time. NEEDS MORE GOLD
  • Browns = D. Took a classic uniform and turned it into dawg doo. Team name on pants? WTF?
  • Jags 2.0 = F.  A genuine eyesore. Whoever came up with the two-tone helmet should be tarred & feathered so they look like a two-tone helmet. 
  • Buccs = Is there a grade lower than an F? The absolute worst number font I have ever seen on any sports uniform anywhere. Repulsive.

An G? 

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Lions -  I loved this set from the day I saw it. A great job of referencing the past while still keeping it current and interesting. 

Vikings - A  Another great redesign from Nike. A true modern classic in my opinion. 

Seahawks - I love the Seahawks' look. They're flashy and modern without being overly garish. They're one of the few exceptions of teams that look good in monochrome.

Dolphins 2.0 - A  A simple, yet much needed update. I never knew just how muddled the previous color scheme was until I saw these. 

Dolphins 1.0- B-  This set was solid and provided a needed refresh of the previous set. The use of navy was ok (but obviously unecessary) and personally I think the new logo is solid. The font is ok, but could definitely be improved. 

Titans - C+  There's a lot I genuinely like about this set. The helmet is fantastic and the sword yoke is cool. The set's biggest downfalls for me are the side panels and pants. The font has characters that need to be reworked as well. 

Jaguars 1.0 - C+  This set has always received way too much hate IMO. People couldn't look past the admittedly garish helmets to see that the rest of the set was really nice. I'll miss the gold. 

Jaguars 2.0 - D+  The Jags listened to criticism, but overcorrected greatly. To me, dullness is equal to tackiness, and this set is astronomically dull. Helmets are the only thing I like. 

Browns - D+ In typical Browns fashion, this entire unveiling was the joke of the league. I like the brighter colors and stripes, but that's about it. The contrast stitching looks terrible and the team name down the leg doesn't work here at all. They still desperately need to get a real logo. 

Buccaneers - D-  This set is obviously very flawed. I do love the helmets with the larger logo, but that's it. The digital clock font is a misstep too great to overlook, and as a result, they are my least favorite Nike NFL redesign. 




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