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NFL League Wide Revisioned


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Hello there, don't really post much at all on this forum, however this side project seems worthy of a post.

Nike-esque, Bright vibrant NFL. To me this is what the perfect modern NFL would look like. Credit to Conrad for some of the fonts, as well as SportsLogosNet for some base logos. Template was my own.










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Wow some of these are huge changes, but I really like a lot of them! Jacksonville may be my favorite team with a big change, I like Detroit with no black and more traditional numbers, I really like the Jets shoulder stripes, I think I like Houston, not sure how I feel about Cleveland... there's so much to look at!

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I'll give you a 6/10. Your presentation was great -much better than what I could've done- so props on that.

Here's some C&C take it or leave it.

Rams: The horns are too close together. Besides that, good work.

Seahawks: Too much green. Also, you should stick to one blue.

49ers: They do need some black in their logo, even if it's not a main color.

Cardinals: This one I actually don't mind.

Falcons, Panthers, Saints: Nice!

Buccaneers: Too bright. You need to add some pewter.

Bears: The logo looks awkward. But the uniforms I don't mind.

Packers: They don't need any changes, but your design is good.

Lions: I'd say eliminate the drop-shadow all together, since it gets lost in with the white numbers. Besides that, I like it.

Vikings: They need to switch color schemes with the Ravens. Besides that, the pants would look flat if you kept them gold/yellow. They should be either white or purple.

Cowboys: They look good.

Eagles: The eagle doesn't even look remotely like an eagle, and the drop shadow is unnecessary.

Washington (I don't know if you've changed the name here, so I'll just say Washington): The numbers should be only one color. I like that logo btw.

Giants: I actually like what you've done.

AFC West: You have nailed this division if you ask me.

Titans: I like the flames on the helmet! Good work here.

Jaguars: They should be teal, not green. Those gold shoulder stripes look a bit random as well.

Colts: Loving the double blue.

Texans: They look way too much like Virginia Tech. I know Red/white/blue is overused, but it actually worked for them.

Ravens: Switch golds with the Vikings and this would be great. Nice helmet btw.

Steelers: I know some would disagree but I like your ideas for the Steelers.

Bengals: Not a fan of the helmet, but other than that, good work.

Browns: They need orange. Not a lot, though. If you add orange in this would be a great concept in my eyes.

AFC East: This division looks great imho.

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Cowboys:8 out of 10| Giants: 8 out of ten| Eagles: 5 out of ten| Redskins: 7 out of ten| Bears: 7 out of ten| Packers: 8 out of ten| Lions: 8 out of ten| Vikings: 6 out of ten| Rams: 7 out of ten| Seahawks: 6 out of ten| 49ers: 9 out of ten| Cardinals: 7 out of ten| Falcons: 7 out of ten| Panthers: 8 out of ten| Saints: 9 out of ten| Bucs: 7 out of ten| Bills: 7 out of ten| Jets: 8 out of ten| Dolphins: 8 out of ten| Patriots: 10 out of 10| Ravens: 7 out of ten| Steelers: 8 out of ten| Bengals: 8 out of 10| Browns: 8 out of ten| Broncos: 8 out of ten| Chiefs: 9 out of ten| Raiders: 8 out of ten| Chargers: 9 out of ten| Titans: 9 out of ten| Jags: 7 out of ten| Colts: 9 out of ten| Texans: 6 out of ten|

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most of these are awesome, the browns are so cool. the one im not a fan of is the texans, they look too much like va tech and as well the logo was made to replicate the texas flag, which has blue in it

also the bills logo has that weird blue thing on it and its bothering me

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Some of these are really good. Most seem to NCAA-like to me, but ones that are best are:




However on some, while the uniform in general wasn't that great, certain elements have great potential. These include:

-Vikings' Old Gold

-Dolphins' Small Helmet Gradient

-Steelers' Use of Yellow-Gold.

Also, I like pretty much everything on the Lions here except for the number font.

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First off, I'd really recommend a 2D template in addition to these, or at least a back/side view. It's really hard to make out what's going on with some of the stripes and pants. Second, post away jerseys. Only showing one makes it look incomplete, and again, makes a set hard to judge fairly.

Cowboys: Not a fan of the two-tone numbers, or the font. I would go with all white and something more block-esque.

Eagles: If you're going to create a new bird head, I'd really suggest making new wings as well. This looks like a clash of styles and doesn't fit. The off-color drop shadow on the numbers doesn't work and the font isn't great either. I like the addition of gold and how you used it on the jerseys, though.

Redskins: Once again, two-tone numbers wouldn't look good on the field. And since you created a new W for the logo, why not retrace the feathers to match? Clashing of styles here as well. Lastly, I think a yellow/gold mask would look nice, but the maroon is nice too.

Giants: This one looks really good, maybe a white facemask.

Bears: Why the Falcons font? The Bears have a great typeface, this is a downgrade imo. The toilet seat collar is horrible, make it all blue. White pants would fit a lot better, at least as a primary, and a navy facemask would work better as well. Lastly, just use the C as your logo.

Packers: My only issues are the yellow numbers and the collar. White would stand out and say "Packers" much better, and the collar stripes would look better if they went all the way around the front.

Lions: Fantastic. This is how they should look if they drop black. I'd like to see the Packers' sock stripe in silver, but that's not a big issue.

Vikings: The more I look, the more I like. The gold helmet actually works for them. I have no idea what's going on with the sleeves, that's where a side view would definitely help.

Falcons: Again, really judge based on just a front view, but what I can see looks really nice.

Panthers: This is almost perfect, but using Oregon's font kills it for me. Toilet collar doesn't work.

Saints: Why a white jersey? Get rid of the half collar or make it a full one, and this will be a solid away set.

Bucs: You must be a fan of the creamsicle era. I'd really suggest adding black for better contrast, because everything in the logo blends together. I'd also use it in place of the red number outlines, again, for better contrast.

Rams: Awesome, just needs a blue mask.

Seahawks: The reason their current number pattern works is because it's sublimated. Make it a light grey here and the set will work much better.

Niners: Perfect.

Cardinals: The helmet would look much better with the logo on both sides, but that's just me. I like the double red in this case.

Bills: The logo needs some work. A lot of work. If you blow it up, I'd be happy to go into more detail to help. Don't use Baylor's font. It doesn't work for them, and it really doesn't work here. Just a basic block would be much better. A general rule of thumb: if you have white helmets, the team should ALWAYS wear white pants with the home jersey. The red is gaudy and horrendous.

Jets: The logo would take some getting used to, but it does look pretty nice. I like the shoulder stripes and number font.

Dolphins: Give them a full collar. I like the helmet gradient a lot, and the sleeves look pretty nice. The pants have the same issue as the Bills.

Patriots: The red collar is unnecessary and would be better without it. I'm not a fan of the number font, but I guess it's better than what they have. They're not a western team so this doesn't really work.

Ravens: The NFL doesn't need another team with winged helmets, the raven head is just fine. That being said, there's not much contrast in the logo, probably because the purple is too dark.

Steelers: I don't like the number font or the sleeve stripes, neither say "Steelers" to me.

Bengals: The sleeve stripes look awesome, but it would tie together better with the current helmet and a change in number font.

Browns: This is pretty solid, again, except for the collar.

Titans: Don't use the Mudhens font. It doesn't work. I'll reserve judgement on the sleeve until I see another view, and I really don't like the helmet. The logo would work a lot better.

Jaguars: I'd rather see teal in place of green, because it's a unique color and provides contrast. This looks too dark.

Colts: Probably my favorite in the entire redesign. Nice work.

Texans: They're the Texans, and their helmet logo is a modified Texas flag. They need their colors back.

Broncos: This one is better the more I look at it. Blue socks would fit better here, and extend the collar all the way around.

Chiefs: Again, NCAA proprietary fonts don't work in the NFL. Just use a block font instead of ripping from the Noles. I do like the logo modification.

Raiders: I don't understand the recolor on the logo, but other than that, perfect.

Chargers: Same with the Saints, why the white jersey? I like it other than the collar and multicolored cuffs.

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