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New TNT Logo


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14 hours ago, 2001mark said:

Downgrade, though I was never a fan of their original.


Except that the one below was their original...


11 minutes ago, neo_prankster said:

What was wrong with this logo?



At the time that came out I thought that was the best logo in television.  It's still better than most.


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On 1/28/2016 at 4:49 PM, infrared41 said:


Nothing. They should have stuck with that one. 

If they ditched the yellow oval, the TNT mark would still hold up.




The new one? Retro, but boring. Lateral.

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4 hours ago, Cujo said:

Back when TNT's logo was at it's best, so was their short-lived NBA theme. It was a really good piece and would still be serviceable to this day.




(someone wanna show me how we post videos now?)


I pasted it into the comment section and it auto-formatted to the full video thing like it usually does now.


What browser are you using?  Are you running NoScript or any sort of extension that could be quietly disabling the page from using it's plugins (or whatever it is)?

"You are nothing more than a small cancer on this message board. You are not entertaining, you are a complete joke."


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