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Really unusual color schemes (that work)


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14 hours ago, 4_tattoos said:

You usually see the combos of green & yellow or red & yellow. Rarely all three together.


Loved these Sonic uniforms (wasn't wild about the alternate reds though)




Beat me to the punch with the Sonics. They had one of my favorite identities as a kid, and was super dissapointed when they changed colors and dropped the red. Green and yellow is a great scheme, but a little more common across sports. The red really helped the Sonics have something of their own (and it was a very forest-y scheme in my eyes, which fit Seattle perfectly).


Though the Minnesota Wild used wheat rather than gold, they pulled off a similarly great look before their recent changes. After the Sonics changed, I was glad to get that particular scheme fix somewhere:




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1 hour ago, VikWings said:




Also, as mentioned in the OP:










And I like the teal with Navy and Orange here:



Teal, navy, orange together: Miami Dolphins. The Islanders and Dolphins changed about the same time to about the same color scheme, just with different weights (obviously the Dolphins' main color was teal, and the Islanders' was navy).


While I liked the Raps' scheme, I'm not sure they ever implemented it well enough. The original was more about design elements than colors: the logo, the jagged pinstripes, the graffiti-like font. The first update had the jerseys you pictured (purple in front, black in back), which I've never liked. I believe a jersey should have one predominant color, not two.


That teal Big Country jersey up there is the bomb-diggity, though.

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27 minutes ago, CreamSoda said:


I was surprised by how much I liked this color scheme.  So I tweaked the new Panthers logo to this color scheme and think it works well:



I like this except for it looks like his neck is literally on fire. Change that to the white of the muzzle and you're on to something.

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1 hour ago, MCM0313 said:


The Jokers from Maddenteams.com (still somewhat accessible via the Wayback Machine) featured bright green and dark purple as their color scheme. I liked it enough to make a TeamBuilder team out of it years later, but TeamBuilder's site is teh sux lately.


UPDATE: Apparently that logo came from the Irvine Jokers, a little kids' (9U) basketball team. Here they are, albeit with a darker green color for the numbers and trim on their purple jerseys: 




Yet another update: the kids' b-ball team was founded in 2012, while Maddenteams.com was last updated in 2007. Thus, the 9U team was not the originator of the logo. Not sure who was. The guy who ran Maddenteams.com said that he pulled logos from all over the net, and designed his fair share of them, too. So it could have been his original design or somebody else's. Not sure where it came from. Those uniforms are better than what you usually see kids' teams wearing, though, so that's a good thing.

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8 minutes ago, SilverBullet1929 said:

I like this except for it looks like his neck is literally on fire. Change that to the white of the muzzle and you're on to something.


Hahah, whoops.  Fixed that and yes it looks much better. Thanks!



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17 hours ago, B-Rich said:


- Lime green and either navy, purple, or black.




- Magenta and orange.



And of course,


- Purple, Green, and gold (meaning athetic gold or yellow).



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I could never stand:





I can get behind that brown and red though. I usually like brown/orange as a combo, or a brown/grey.

I guess to each their own.

Anything other than red/white/blue or red/white, blue/white. Nice to see some other colors in the mix.

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10 hours ago, MCM0313 said:

The top one's just navy and gold, right? Like the Rams and Brewers? I don't think that's a particularly uncommon scheme. 


The bottom one appears to be black, royal blue, and copper. That's more like it...although both jerseys could use more copper!


I think it's supposed to be almost a purple-ish navy

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Navy, Wine and Gold ala old Cavs counts.




It just works, IMO. I love seeing the Pelicans use a version of it now, just with shade of red changed.


As does a personal fave: Black, Navy and Red ala Pre-Edge Jackets. ((Can't find a picture... yay)).



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1 hour ago, hawk36 said:

Periwinkle, orange, black



I'm torn on this one. I never cared much for it at the time, but today I can see how it could have some appeal, with the "paintbrush" jersey design and the somewhat unusual shade of blue. Still, while I think this combination has potential, I also think the Cavs could've done better with it. I do like how the NOB uses the same font style as the numbers, and also how it's about the same shade of orange as a basketball.

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1 minute ago, TornadoGTS said:


You say periwinkle and I automatically think late 90's Angels...



They should've used more periwinkle, IMO. Like, maybe a periwinkle shirt...heck, go the way of the late-'70s and early-'80s Cubs and give it pinstripes like the Angels' home and road uniforms had. Or at least a periwinkle hat, rather than just a periwinkle-billed one. Then again, I'm weird.

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