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Teams in the WRONG uniform


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We have players in the wrong uniform -- and teams in the wrong stadium. So, why not a teams in the wrong uniform thread?


I'll start off with a few obvious ones ...





(pretty much any Turn Ahead The Clock Jersey to be honest)


What would you add to this list?

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This is a harder topic because every uniform worn is a part of the team's history. yeah the Isles had the fishticks for a couple season but it is very much a huge part of their identity. I wouldn't call it wrong since it is such an important part of their identity. 


As for the Pistons, they had that set for many years and the Piston head logo carried over to their RWB rebrand. I wouldn't say that is a wrong uniform. Even the turn back the clock unis made sense for the time and reason for their existence. 


Perhaps the wording wouldn't be "wrong uniform" but rather it could be called the black sheep of a team's uniform history. These uniforms didn't look that great and many of them had no reason to exist, but I wouldn't call them wrong. 

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This has to be one of the best examples of "wrong uniform":

- it was a one-off

- it was worn during an actual game, not just warmups (albeit a pre-season game)

- it was made to mimic an iconic jersey of the team they were playing against


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21 minutes ago, Ashes of Astroworld said:

Every Rockets retrospective is either in the current Red and Silver or the old Ketchup and Mustard. Very rarely you'll see the Snaggletooth and stripes.




Those jerseys were the peak of all Rockets' uniforms...

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Every now and then in soccer, the referee can decide on the day that there is not enough of a difference between the two teams uniforms. The away team normally only brings one uniform with them so quite often they are forced to wear the away uniform of their opponent. This has happened twice for my local team Tranmere Rovers to my knowledge.


Below is Colchester United vs Tranmere Rovers in 2014. The guy on the right is Tranmere player Max Power (best name in sports) wearing the Colchester United clash kit. Tranmere won the match 2-1.




A bit longer ago, Sheffield Wednesday visited Tranmere Rovers in 2000. The referee deemed that there was not enough of a clash between the two kits, so Sheffield Wednesday had to wear Tranmere's green away kit. The real Tranmere Rovers won the match 2-0. 



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