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XFL 2020 Logos, Names and Uniforms

The Golden One

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I am holding off to do a full eval later, but so far all teams are B or higher, but these are my quick thoughts


DC-- cleanest, but that is easy when you have 1 color + white. 


Dallas-- I think they should reverse and have sky blue jerseys with black shoulder yokes.


Houston-- Several problems here.  Metallic silver helmet with dull grey pants (why can't we have metallic pants anymore?), logo is not straight on helmet,

                  Side panels are very 1990's.


St. Louis-- Helmet logo is too much.  Smaller wings and maybe no sword would be better.  Navy, as used here, does not add much to the look.


NY-- Love the helmet, shoulder stripes just don't work when they don't wrap around.  


ALL-- so far it looks like every team can have 4 options, since pants and jerseys can be exchanged.    Not a fan of an 8 team league having 3 jerseys the same color (NY, DAL and likely LA).  Dallas could easily be sky blue and LA could be red or orange instead. 


Overall pretty strong, more later when we have the final 3. 

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And the Vipers go full Arenaleague 2 with their look.  The helmet and jersey are fine on their own, but the pants just kill it.  Why have side panels on the jersey when the pants have a tapered stripe that does not line up with them?  I like the colors, but the pieces of the uni do not go together.  And you have that really nice snakehead logo, but put the boring V fang logo on the helmet?  Swing and a miss. 

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I'm really hoping some of these teams decide to mix and match their pants and jerseys. I'm seeing a lot of mono-colored uniforms right now. Red over white would be a better look for the Defenders than red over red for their home uniforms. Tampa going white over green would be a neat look. Black over white for Dallas might be an improvement. Grey pants at home for New York would also be an improvement for them. Seems though like the jerseys and pants for the mono-colored teams were meant to be worn together.


Those Roughnecks helmets are also pretty sweet by the way. Best helmet in the league so far.

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