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XFL 2023 Logos, Names and Uniforms

The Golden One

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From front page..


Original XFL owner Vince McMahon is set to make a “major sports announcement” this afternoon, this just a month after Alpha Entertainment – a company McMahon is involved with – had trademarked “XFL” with the USPTO for “entertainment services in the nature of professional football games”.




Original logo



Possible new logo? From supposed stream test:


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41 minutes ago, The Golden One said:

From WWE twitter page...

BREAKING: "The new XFL will kick off in 2020, and quite frankly, we're going to give the game of football back to fans." - @VinceMcMahon




Logowise its nice.  Nice modern update of the original. The colors are more inviting and less aggressive than the old one.  the strokes overlap in weird ways but  it works for me.  There's some technical issues with it .. like for example the navy outer stroke around XFL doesn't extend into the big X... you can see under and above the F there's no navy stroke there.. so that's a little weird.  

But this could be a placeholder anyway


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1 hour ago, FightingGoldenDevil said:

It needs a new name. XFL feels so dated. The days of Xtreme!!!!! are over. As a kid born in 2000 I just don't like the name. Glad to see the logo is more tame though


I think if it has a new name, people would mock it by calling it the new xfl anyways.


So might as well call it the XFL!

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the league is little more than an idea right now, so the logo and i suspect the name as well, is just a placeholder for the time being. both are right out of an early 2000s Mountain dew commercial. 


im not sure who does the WWE branding/marketing (it might even be an internal team) but this could be a project that is wide open for any agency, designer, or uniform manufacturer- although i do expect them to compete with NFL on every level, so id be surprised to see Nike involved in this. early guestimate is UA would like to be a part of it and their team could help with the branding as well


if the goal is to “give football back to the fans” id also expect lots of fan larticipation in the naming of teams and selection of designs


FWIW, everyone at the Dolphins office is pretty excited to see what happens and are optimistic it will push the NFl and other sports in all levels

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Everything to me looks like a placeholder. I can't see them continuing with XFL because it's so dated but Vince has always been out of touch. While it is the more recognizable name, it's for all the wrong reasons. We're still 2 years before the apparent start so we'll have to wait and see. 

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The logo's drawn quite capably. I like how the small X follows the keyline of the large one, but the verticals of the F and L feel a little light as a result of the X being so fat. I see they wanted the upper right point of the L to perfectly meet the X, but I think they need to slim down the X in the wordmark a little to make it work. I would have even connected the F right into the L (maybe with an angled terminal on both letters), just like the X bleeds right into the F. I would have also stripped it down to a single keyline.


As for the marketing so far (give football back to the fans/red, white, and blue), I fear the main focus of this league is going to be an anti-NFL, "where players respect the flag and our heroes" brand.

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