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2018 NBA Post Season


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Cavs-Warriors again, just by process of elimination. I don't know who wins.


Toronto is a choke factory.


Houston is also a choke factory, although they'll have home court and actually look like they *might* be a different team this year. Of all the teams not named Cavs or Warriors I have the hardest time writing them off.


The Sixers are obviously very young and have only been a "good" team for a little over a month. This winning streak of theirs consists of victories over Cleveland, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Denver, and a bunch of lottery hopefuls playing out the string (Dallas, Memphis, Orlando, Brooklyn twice, Atlanta twice, Charlotte twice, Knicks twice). Playoff adversity will hit them like a truck. Wouldn't be shocked if Miami took them out in round one.


The Celtics are too injured to make a real run, although with Stevens and a playoff roster full of guys who play hard, unselfish, don't need the ball to be effective, and are under no pressure whatsoever, they should be a tough out for anyone they face, aside from Cleveland.


OKC is a choke factory. Utah's on a hell of a run but there's no way they survive Houston. I don't think Portland has the horses to make a serious run without injury luck.

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  • Round 1
    • Rockets (by a cumulative 100 points)
    • Thunder
    • Blazers
    • Warriors
    • Raptors
    • Cavs
    • Sixers
    • Celtics
  • Round 2
    • Rockets over Thunder
    • Warriors over Blazers
    • Cavs over Raptors
    • Sixers over Celtics
  • Semis
    • Rockets over Warriors
    • Cavs over Sixers
  • Finals
    • Rockets over Cavs
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I'll play too:


Round 1:

  • Rockets over Wolves
  • Spurs over Warriors
  • Pelicans over Blazers
  • Thunder over Jazz
  • Raptors over Wizards
  • Celtics over Bucks
  • Sixers over Heat (though this is in six or seven)
  • Cavs over Pacers


Round 2:

  • Rockets over Thunder
  • Spurs over Pelicans
  • Raptors over Cavs
  • Sixers over Celtics


Round 3:

  • Rockets over Spurs
  • Raptors over Sixers


  • Rockets over Raptors


All of this assume Steph is out for round one. If he's back, Warriors win again.


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Houston 4, Minnesota 0

Utah 4, Oklahoma City 3

Portland 4, New Orleans 1

Golden State 4, San Antonio 3




Toronto 4, Washington 1

Cleveland 4, Indiana 3

Philadelphia 4, Miami 2

Boston 4, Milwaukee 2




Houston 4, Utah 2

Portland 4, Golden State 3




Toronto 4, Cleveland 2

Boston 4, Philadelphia 3




Houston 4, Portland 1




Toronto 4, Boston 2




Houston 4, Toronto 1


Finals MVP: James Harden, HOU


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Western Conference

Rockets over Wolves in 4

Jazz over Thunder in 6

Blazers over Pelicans in 6

Warriors over Spurs in 5


Rockets over Jazz in 6

Blazers over Warriors in 7


Rockets over Blazers in 6


Eastern Conference

Raptors over Wizards in 5

Cavs over Pacers in 7
Sixers over Heat in 6

Celtics over Bucks in 5


Raptors over Cavs in 7 (this is the only one I'm unsure about, playoff LeBron is a different beast)

Sixers over Celtics in 7


Raptors over Sixers in 6


NBA Finals

Rockets over Raptors in 5

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Western Conference

Rockets > Timberwolves 4-1

Warriors > Spurs 4-2

Blazers > Pelicans 4-2

Jazz > Thunder 4-3


Rockets > Jazz 4-1

Warriors > Trail Blazers 4-1


Warriors > Rockets 4-3


Eastern Conference

Raptors > Wizards 4-0

Celtics > Bucks 4-3

Heat > 76ers 4-2

Cavaliers > Pacers 4-0


Cavaliers > Raptors 4-2

Celtics > Heat 4-1


Cavaliers > Celtics 4-1


NBA Finals

Warriors > Cavaliers 4-3

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1 hour ago, Kaz said:

Funny that the Raptors with the #1 seed end up getting the toughest draw of the top half of the East

Kinda sorta. They’ve got a 50-50 shot of either getting the “on” Wizards that can legitimately make a run, or the “off” Wizards that consistently lose by 10 to non playoff participants. 

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To give my full predictions:

Raptors vs Wizards -Raptors in 5

Cavs vs. Pacers - Cavs in 7

76ers vs. Heat - 76ers in 5

Celtics vs. Bucks - Bucks in 7 


Rockets vs. T-Wolves - Rockets in 4 

Thunder vs. Jazz - Jazz in 6

Blazers vs. Pelicans- Pelicans in 6

Warriors vs. Spurs - Warriors in 5 


Raptors vs. Cavs - Raptors in 7 

76ers vs. Bucks - 76ers in 4 

Rockets vs. Jazz - Rockets in 5 

Warriors vs. Pelicans - Warriors in 5


Raptors vs. 76ers - 76ers in 7 

Rockets vs. Warriors - Rockets in 6 


Rockets vs. 76ers -Rockets in 4  



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Geez... Miami and Philadelphia? I guess I'll have to find another team to root for in the semi-finals and beyond. The Sixers are just too hot right now, and the Heat are honestly just above average.


Regarding the whole playoffs though, I just want to see Golden State and LeBron something new.

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12 hours ago, DG_Now said:

So, Warriors/Spurs in the first round. Zaza's going to get punched in the face.

He'll "accidentally" trip and simultaneously wipe out both teams benches causing the series to be cancelled with the winner of Blazers/Pelicans getting a bye to the Western Final. 

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I'll take a shot here...


Western Conference

Houston over Minnesota in 5 (Never doubt the Beard)

Oklahoma City over Utah in 7 (Might be the best match-up in the West because of how even the teams are)

Portland over New Orleans in 6 (The Brow is more then capable of taking a game or two, but Portland just has more firepower)

Golden State over San Antonio in 7 (No Curry for the Warriors and no Leonard for the Spurs. Even with the Warriors winning, San Antonio will push them)


Eastern Conference

Toronto over Washington in 5 (This series will get ugly fast. Might want to hide the women and children here)

Cleveland over Indiana in 6 (Something is definitely off about the Cavs this season...)

Philadelphia over Miami in 6 (The Process finally grows up from being a 'Process' to 'Accomplishment' here)

Milwaukee over Boston in 7 (You need one upset and this is it. The Celtics are hampered and here comes the Greek Freak to smash the front door down)

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Western Conference

Rockets over Wolves in 4

Thunder over Jazz in 7

Blazers over Pelicans in 7

Warriors over Spurs in 5


Rockets over Thunder in 6

Warriors over Blazers in 5


Rockets over Warriors in 6


Eastern Conference

Raptors over Wizards in 6

Cavs over Pacers in 5
Sixers over Heat in 6

Bucks over Celtics in 7


Cavs over Raptors in 6

Sixers over Bucks in 6


Cavs over Sixers in 6


NBA Finals

Rockets over Cavs in 6


Changed my picks slightly before first game tip-off. Originally had the Jazz taking out OKC in 7, but I'm thinking OKC in 7. Should be a phenomenal series. Also, had the Celtics over the Bucks in 7, but going Bucks in 7. 

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