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Politicians (*not rockers or rappers*) in unis and logo-related stuff


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Mitt Romney's instantly iconic custom Jazz jersey inspired this thread (as did this infamous thread from a few years back).






As a general rule, the most dignified fashion choice for most politicians is the baseball bullpen jacket. 






But occasionally, a politician gives us a gift. 


Feel free to post pics of politicians wearing sports gear.  Holding up a commemorative jersey (without wearing it) isn't enough.  I'd pass on jerseys from non-professional leagues (although Christie's NYPD jersey is still a classic).  First pitches will do it.  Extra points for jerseys tucked into jeans, worn under blazers, or over Van Heusen dress shirts with rolled-up sleeves.  


(and yeah, feel free to throw in pics of Bill Bradley, Jack Kemp, Jim Bunning, and this glorious silver fox, Rep. Tom McMillen (D-MD))



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Angus King, then governor of Maine, holding up a cutout of Minnesota's governor at the time Jesse Ventura. This had something to do with an NCAA hockey game bet I think.


That's my Mainer way of segueing into a bunch of Jesse Ventura pictures...


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Los Angeles major Eric Garcetti in a Dodger jersey.


And, a throwback to the 1990s:


Canadian PM Jean Chretien and Bill Clinton swap 'capitol' jerseys of the Washington Capitals and the Ottawa Senators.

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