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2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

Dexter Morgan

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My rankings (so far):

  1. Tulsi - The sun setting/sun rising color scheme really works for a candidate from Hawaii. Great font choice, too. 
  2. John Delaney - Standard red, white, and blue, so nothing new there, but it is a cool logo.
  3. Julian - The box surrounding the name says 'Trump' to me, so I'm not sure it's entirely original.
  4. Ojeda - Feels like a grunge logo you'd find on a shirt at the mall in the mid 2000s.
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Ojeda's would be my favorite were it not for 1) the wings, 2) the distressed effect, and 3) the fact that the Obama logo will always be the very high standard for candidates with names that start with O.


Castro's is nice. Always like the two blues. Good for him for drawing attention to his ethnicity rather than running from it or changing his name to something like, idk, Ted.


Crazy that there's already so many, and none of the favorites have announced yet, save for Elizabeth Warren. And when she transitions form committee to campaign, I hope she uses something other than a retooled version of her Senate run's logo. I can't stand it when presidential candidates use their first names on branding.

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42 minutes ago, pianoknight said:

Ojeda's logo looks like a mashup of traditional Hispanic imagery (eagles, etc) and steroid / crossfit / energy drinks, which I'm sure is part of the demographics he's courting. 


No one hits the polls like the "dude I'm not saying I could TAKE McGregor or anything but like if I were drunk and he said something about my friends I could last at least two rounds" guys.

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