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Worst looking NFL uniforms?


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Everyone probably has their own candidates for this category. My own:

Tennessee Titans. They look like the result of a third-grade art project, only not quite as well done. And what's with that sloppy-looking number font?

Runners ups: Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, Cincinnati. Their older outfits had a cleaner, classier appearance (in my opinion). But then I like the older Rams uniforms better than the current ones :P

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off the top of my head, the raiders are the only team that has absolutlely perfect uniforms, as much as i hate them. the worst?

carolina panthers (too busy, the helmet logo looks as if it was just slapped on there, and then its repeated on the sleeve, then again on the hip, i can say, "redundant," can you? they would benefit more from a black or blue helmet. the raiders and cowboys own the silver helmet. those panther helmet stripes are hideous. the full block number font is too angular and well, "blocky" for all that smooth, swooping, tapered striping al over the uniform. okay, maybe they are not the worst, but there is definitely room for a hell of a lot of improvement.)

buffalo bills (pick one blue and go with blue/nickel/red as the scheme. lose the blue yoke on the aways. match up the side striping.)

cincinnati bengals (lose the white sides.)

atlanta falcons (they would be great without the wierd sleeve striping and with normal pant striping.)

tennessee titans (they need to reverse the shoulder numbers to white with a blue outline instead of blue with a white outline and get rid of those late nineties tapered helmet stripes.)

denver broncos (royal blue was better. personal preference here, but i dont like the font that much, at least not the serifs. again, tapered helmet stripes are outdated by now and look funny. bring back a form of the bronco in D logo, even better if its on the helmet.)

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hey I like the bengals unis. I will repeat again carson palmer is the next joe montana. i would say next peyton manning, but there isn't gonna be anyone in a hell of a long time that can play qb as well as him.

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The worst IMO:

Bengals: What more can be said about them that hasn't been said, besides the fact that they're busy, tacky, and that unsightly white panel just kills the entire thing.

Bills: If they took out the hockey-like shoulder stripe, and decided which shade of blue they wanted, it would be decent.

Cardinals Helmet: The jerseys are fine, the helmet just looks like someone was stingy with their money and decided to get some white XXXL pee-wee helmets with gray facemasks and slap a cardinal on it.

This is off-topic but the best IMO:

Raiders: The only team whose jersey I will wear to look fashionable, not to root for.

Atlanta: Sleek and stylish

Seahawks: The update of all updates. This was nicely done.



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bills- pick a blue and go with white pants on the blue jersey and blue pants with the white jersey and they would have a perfect combo.

Seahawks-white jersey + colored pants, Colored jersey + white pants = Perfect

packers - modernize the jerseys, yes i know the packers jersey/helmet is more sacred than the 10 commandments monument and jesus but it wouldnt' hurt going with Rams gold to replace the ugly cheese yellow. again im sure packers fans would form a mob in front of packer management if this happened. but to me no jersey is too sacred for change. i've actually played around with this concept and the vegas gold/packer green combo does work pretty well. especially with the helmet.

Cowboys- the practice jerseys i've seen around would be the perfect modernization.

TItans - a massive overhaul wouldn't hurt. seems like they tried to keep ties with the old oilers franchise. why i don't understand, the columbia blue/ red combo is an ugly color combination.

Patriots - keep the jersey scheme but replace "flying pat" with a modernized Pat the Patriot. drop the dirty white boy jersey and use a red alternate.

Bengals - 2 words. Massive overhaul.

while im at it why don't i just do the rest of the league....

texans - perfect combo. no need for change.

vikings - some change won't hurt. i think they have undergone some subtle changes especially to the yellow by going with a darker shade. the only change i would suggest is going with a white jersey that matches the template of the colored jersey.

Cardinals - they've only had one winning season far as i can remember why keep the scheme they've had for nearly 40 years. logo is fine but everything else needs some serious change.

Eagles - only change i would suggest is dropping the "wings" off the logo and go with the angry eagle logo. the wings are seriously out dated.

49ers - the modernization done a couple of years ago is a perfect upgrade over what they had during the montana years.

Giants - the current scheme is fine definatly an upgrade over the SImms era jerseys.

Jets - i like the throwback look, certainly better than gang green which i absolutely hated.

Bears - why fix whats not broken. timeless look and no really anyreason for change.

Bucs - perfect jersey scheme, i'd like to see a modernized bucco the buc logo replace the "sword-flag" logo.

Falcons - switching from black to Red was all they needed to do. i played around with a concept in which i used a red helmet with a red jersey and it was serious over kill. black helmet and red jersey is a better combination. i like the current logo its a better look than the boring falcons logo we had.

Broncos - im in the minority on this but i never liked the broncos orange in the 80's elway days. i like the scheme they have now. even the orange alternate im not crazy about. only change i would suggest is changing the horse head to the "bucking horse in the D" logo. i've seen it in some recent concepts.

Redskins - they should go with the spear logo throwbacks they wore a couple of years ago. the redskin head is severely out dated i like the spear better. keep the name though, i hate seening team names changed because of Politically correct reasons. unfortunately gibbs thinks this is 1990 and is obsessive compulsive about his uniforms.

Saints - not sure how i would change there uniforms. i like the scheme they use now. maybe bring back the old LA state logo they had on the arms years ago.

Chargers - no powder blue jerseys. maybe a modernized "dan fouts" era jersey combination. i really like the combination they use now.

Chiefs - black trim is all they need.

Browns - put a damn logo on the helmet already. the bulldog logo is perfect for the helmet. ax the orange jersey and pants.

Colts - i like the throwback look with royal blue and grey face helmet.

Ravens - i really like the color scheme and logo combination.

Raiders - just over haul the jerseys already. change doesn't hurt. or maybe it does in the bills and seahawks changes.

Panthers - update the numbers and they would be fine.

Lions - they just need a major overhaul.

Jags - the more they do, the worse they look.

Dolphins - i like the modernization did a number a years ago. ax the orange jersey.

Rams - jersey combo is fine. i like the vegas gold/Millenium blue combination. its certainly better than the yellow and blue combo.

Steelers - bring back the old numbers, the italicized numbers are so ugly. everything else is fine.


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I was the first to say that my favorite team the bengals new uniforms were terrible, their old ones were so good and classy and they were of NFL caliber. The new ones remind you of an arena team or princeton's lacrosse set.



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Everyone probably has their own candidates for this category. My own:

Tennessee Titans. They look like the result of a third-grade art project, only not quite as well done. And what's with that sloppy-looking number font?

Runners ups: Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, Cincinnati. Their older outfits had a cleaner, classier appearance (in my opinion). But then I like the older Rams uniforms better than the current ones :P

Being a Titans fan, I like their jerseys somewhat. They're not beautiful, I'll give you that. But nor are they ugly. I think they should go for the all-white look on the road instead of the white jersey/blue pants look they have now. As for the "sloppy-looking number font", I can't see what the problem is. At least they're unique and can't be found on 2/3 of the other NFL jerseys.

Next, you list Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, Cincinnati, and St. Louis as the runners-up. :blink: What's up with that?!?

- Atlanta updated their threads to the best set in the league, IMO. The striping is different and that's what makes it good. I don't know how anyone could not like those.

- Denver's a bit dated, I'll give you that, but they're far from the worst in the league.

- Seattle has surprisingly pulled off the lime green colour combo and I think it looks great. Their logo, in particular, really received an awesome upgrade.

- I can't argue with Cincinnati there. I think their old ones were good enough as-is without the white sides and blocky orange shoulders.

- St. Louis looks great. Did you see Super Bowl XXXIV? The Titans jerseys were the class of that game (when they were new), but right after, the Rams switched to the gold and navy (or whatnot) combo and they look fantastic. They just haven't had a whole lotta success since then, but that's not the point...

In my personal opinion, and seemingly everyone else's as well, the Bills are by far the worst looking patchwork uniforms out there. Stick to one blue and roll with that. None of this two-tone crap. It looks like a redneck's 1988 F-150... :puke:

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i like the titans jerseys..... and i'm not really biased, because it was a combination of the uniforms and jevon kearse that turned me into a titans fan to begin with, when i decided to "choose teams".

i think the worse is easily the bills. the dallas cowboys are the team in most need of a uniform change, but only if it's slight... they just need to bring everything into the same package, instead of mix-and-match...

the bengals uniforms are also pretty ****ty, as mentioned all over the place in this thread. i think they were designed to look good on the fans, instead of on the field.

i think the raiders, seahawks, and bears have the best uniforms.... only thing about the bears i would change would be the helmet logo. i think it needs to be white, outlined in orange, so it would match the numbers on the home jersey... but other than that, they're perfect.

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Denver. worst ever.

Seattle. good.

St. Louis. both yellow and gold unis are good.

Bills. have potential if shoulder stripes are lost and helmet is changed

Bengals. second worse ever.

Cowboys. classic, keep both shades of blue too.

Atlanta. anyone who dosent like to see mike vick runnin in the all red cant really like football

Tampa Bay. (yes biased, sue me) BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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