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And we've got another 10th anniv. patch


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It's not an anniversary patch, it's their 10th season patch.

The 10th anniversary is in September of 2006.

Right--we had that discussion a little while back in another thread!

10th season--after which is the actual anniversary--so they're celebrating it all along the way!

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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I think it looks great, and what's wrong with a 10th anniversary patch? 5th is pushing it but I have no problem with 10. And how would it be a moneymaking tactic? It's not like they ever sell any merchandise or jerseys with the patches on them.

I agree there is nothing wrong with celebrating a 10th anniversary. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Raven's fan. I liked the Panthers, Jags, and Rams patches from last season. I can't beleive it has already been 10 years (or seasons). It seems like it was so short after so many years without football.

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That'd be Super Bowl 35. And yeah, they look pretty weak.

Does anyone else remember the Florida Panthers having a 5th anniv. logo? <_<

i remember it... it was basically the primary logo, with a V under it, right? which made it look just plain silly on the front of the sweaters.

not sure if it's just home-team bias here, but i like what the dallas stars did on their 10th season. no uniform patches. no helmet stickers... they came up with a 10th season logo, put it on some merch that they gave away at home games, and had it at center ice.

it didn't go anywhere on the players. sometimes, anniversary patches can just make uniforms too crowded, and with the style of the stars sweaters, i think that would have been the case.

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Hey, today's my ninth wedding anniversary. Guess I better start working on my patch.

Any of you graphic wizards out there feel like superimposing a ball and chain over a the Roman numeral X?

Of course, if I were to wear the patch, chances are there'd be no tenth anniversary to commemorate.

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