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Does this look familiar?


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These are the ones I've seen around here before:




Plus the orbits.

Plus most of those are stolen from somewhere. Some are clip art. None are orginal except maybe the Surf one. Even the top was ripped off the NFL site.

If you notice at the top they do have a place that says "Order ____ Gear" but its inactive. So definatly make sure they don't make money off those designs at the very least.

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On one hand it's not so bad if they just used it for themeslves--although it would be nice to have credit given when it's online--at the very least. It's not the same as a pro team using it or somebody claiming it is their own work.

However--would asking permission be so tough?

How would hey respond if any of you contacted them about it.

The most worrisome thing though is the site has a link to cafepress.com on the team pages (doesn't work on all of them)

If any of your work is on there--well then you have a whole other ball of wax to contend with--even if it's not a lucrative one...

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Thanks for pointing this out guys, and esp PC.

That is definately a logo I proposed to the Lehigh Valley Outlawz of the GLIFL. (They ended up going with another logo I did with a different spin, but its still stealing nonetheless)

I also emailed the commish. Thanks WIB for pointing this out and thanks Chris for helping straighten this mess out.

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Guys--this is my FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE site. Not a real league--just a stupid little local fantasy league that me and my friends play in.

Some of the logos were sent to me by the prospective owners and I wasn't real sure where all the logos were from--nor did I ask really.

I hate that I caused some grief and will take down the images when I return from vacation on Sunday.

I apologize for any wrong doing.

I do the work on the site and the uniform changes and stuff. Many of the logos are from College teams that are re-colored and altered. The cafepress.com is just a goofy way to try and make my league realistic. My whole site is to try and make my fantasy league site look realistic.

I will honor everyone of your requests to remove images that you designed.

Once again,

I'm sorry.

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silverbacks - just ask permission to use the logo's...most of the folks on this board will gladly allow you to use them if you ask - our league/site has logo's developed and/or used by permission of aao (thunder and longnecks), redeye (riverrats) and pollux (miners...created via the request board) - give the designer a credit on the team page and take down the "order gear" link, and i'll bet you'll be fine

by the way, i stumbled on your league site about 3 or 4 years ago...it's one of the best i've ever seen - the stuff you do with uniforms/stadium's is GREAT

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