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Blue jays new logo


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Wow this is brutal.  So they take the Detroit Lions color scheme, go with a horrible "throwback" typeface with a futuristic bird.  I can almost be assured that they will have a black alternate and eventually make the BLUE Jays go black.  Just plain awful.

With that said, I do like the bird itself.  It's nice and sleek.  But no multiple blues, make this look awful.  We'll see all kinds of concepts until the Jays correct their mistake.

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I just don't get it. So within the span of 3 seaons a team is going to have 3 differnt logos and uniform schemes...

Yea, that'll help your team build an identity...

THey had such a great loog with the Modernized Jays head with the leaf backdrop. Why they got rid of it, i dunno....

Chris, your hometown boys dropped the ball on this one...

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Scrap the script and it looks great... I'm diggin the J-Bird logo  (as I am the one that created the T-Bird term I'm allowed to create a new one :D )

I'll be at the 'Dome tomorrow so I'll be able to pick up all the new merchandise, I was told that the jerseys will be availible to buy as well.

Will they wear these tomorrow too?  All my Employee Game Notes said for Wed Sep 3 was "Look for something big!" so who knows!  Maybe we'll be wearing the new logo.



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I could only wonder what the uniforms would look like.

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no, no...i wouldn't make something that bad. you know, i sort of hate how owners wanna change from a good logo just cus it was around when somebody else owned the team(coughdraytonmcclaincough). and i know real blue jays have some black in their plumage, but there's a reason they're called BLUE jays-they're predominantly BLUE, not predominantly BLACK. if they were the latter, they'd be BLACK jays. who the hell said this was a good idea? he should be shot or lynched.


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Oh no no no no no.

OK, clearly Brian in Boston IS on vacation cause we are missing the death strike upon this POS.

It seems kind of boring and repetitive to mercilessly rip on every new major sports logo.......but this freakin sucks!

I know, I draw things all sharp and crazy too...and that is very much the style these days...but sweet merciful crap...it isn't a blue jay anymore!

It's like a chicken.  I always harp on species particular markings.  The first Jays logo had them perfectly...the black separating the white from the blue along the chin...and the trademark stripe from bill, peircing the eye, all the way up to the top of the crest.  Guess what sports fans?? Without those markings, its not  a Jay!

Add to that the uniforms are atrocious and the font does not interact well with the art and ......ugh.  Gross.  Somebody in Canada just found their bevel/emboss key and went to town.

I'm with you guys.  Toronto had it great once.  I nearly cried when Molitor finally got his ring that night Joe went yard.  They were the shizzle for a while.  What drives a team to disassemble such a good identity?  It's not like they had never had anything good goin'.


double crap.

PS - It is however, still better than the Tbird...a little.  But they had a window to fix.......TO FIX....aaaaaaaaaaaah.

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logo is ok.  Judging by the jersey photos, which really aren't the greatest, I don't like them, if only for no other reason than the fact that those colors just don't say "Blue Jays" to me at all.

Anyways, question for those that are in the know:  does this mean that both current logos are being done away with entirely?  I thought that the "T" logo was fairly popular, and doing well in merchandise sales.  And they are turfing it after only 4 seasons, and just 1 year as the primary logo?

Boy, the Jays messed up on this one.

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