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I had forgotten about these monstrosities


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It's better than the current Steeler rip-off they use.

Coach Fry modeled the Iowa uniforms after the Steelers to provide a winning feeling and attitude for his team.

Fry also painted the visiting locker room pink.

Fry was good when it came to fu*king with minds.....

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I honestly like it better than the Steelers knockoff as well. It's very different. If the HAWKEYES script and the logo were removed, this would be a great jersey to wear today. It also might work if the pattern on the white jersey were just black instead of yellow outlined in black.

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Blech. Minnesota had that too, right?

BTW, if anyone has a good pic of those "tire tread" basketball uniforms, can I get a link? Google only turned up Richard Hamilton for me.

Minnesota had the "M's" stretching across the shoulders I believe. It was bad.

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