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Who do you root for?


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What are your guy's favorite pro teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA? Just those four leagues if you please, find out what denomination of fans we have here. (And only your favorite, no seconds)

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs

MLB: Arizona D'Backs

NHL: Calgary Flames

NBA: Houston Rockets

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NFL - San Francisco 49ers

NHL - Colorado Avalanche

NBA - Denver Nuggets

MLB - Just the Cubbies or Red Sox (I have a habit of being the exact opposite of a bandwagoner.  Cheer for teams until they're good.)


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NFL - St. Louis Rams NFC, NY Jets AFC

MLB - St. Louis Cardinals NL, NY Yankees AL

NHL - St. Louis Blues West, Montreal Canadiens East

NBA - VACANT (will be Charlotte Bobcats next year - I was a diehard Hornet fan but won't root for them in N.O.)

MISL - St. Louis Steamers

MLS - KC Wizards

Arena FB - Dallas Desparados

WNBA - Houston Comets

Sorry to break the rules IowaFan.  I have problems with limits.

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NFL-Bears and Packers




MISL-Milwaukee Wave

AHL-Milwaukee Admirals

Arena-Chicago Rush (at least til Milwaukee gets a new team or the Barnstormers return, whichever comes first)

MLS-Columbus Crew

College-Wisconsin, Notre Dame, St. Johns hoops, Temple hoops

CFL-Toronto Argonauts

edit: premiership: i sort of feel guilty putting Arsenal here, as i figure fans over there, like they do down under, pretty much inherit a favorite team.  i need FSW bad

NFL Europe: (yes i have a favorite NFLE team) Rhein Fire...i still remember 97 when Bill Schroeder and T.J. Rubley were leadin them to the World Bowl.  pretty much stuck with them since and developed a hatred of the Berlin Thunder while i was at it.  if they hadn't pulled the plug on the 93 season for WLAF i'd probably still be saying Orlando Thunder...cus what can i say, those jerseys mesmerized my 10 year old butt :laugh:

ECHL: AC Bullies: hey, somebody's gotta like that bulldog...even if the colors aren't exactly eye-pleasing.

Building the Bandwagon before ESPN makes one: UNT football...i been sayin elsewhere that the Mean Green are the next Marshall...i missed the Herdwagon so i guess i'm gonna go sit in my own little Greenwagon for now :D


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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NFL- San Francisco 49ers

NHL- Carolina Hurricanes

NBA- Memphis Grizzlies for now, Bobcats in '05

MLB- Atlanta Braves

NCAA- East Carolina Pirates, Furman Paladins, Winthrop Eagles (basketball...they don't have FB)

Since I'm somewhat "geographically scattered"...I'll explain. 49ers...first team I ever liked. Don't remember why, I was just always and always will be a Niners fan. Hurricanes, Carolina team, I'm in northern SC. Grizzlies...one of the closest teams to me since the Hornets moved, and they have Shane Battier, my name is Shane. Braves...closest team to me. ECU because I don't claim the Heels or Devils, Paladins because I don't claim the Cocks or Tigers, and Winthrop in basketball because they're here in Rock Hill.


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NHL: Winnipeg Jets, Colorado Avalanche (post-'96, of course)

NBA: Jordan-era Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays, Griffey Jr-era Mariners

CFL: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

AFC: Denver Broncos

NFC: St. Louis Rams

CFA: Winnipeg Wildfire

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MLB - Atlanta Braves

NHL - Washington Capitals

NFL - Miami Dolphins

NBA - headshake.gif

I haven't really cared for the NBA since my favorite player retired -- and no, it wasn't Jordan.

As for other leagues...

WHL - Portland Winter Hawks

ArenaFL - San Jose Sabercats

In regards to the "geographically scattered loyalties" that SHB speaks of, I can explain myself.  I grew up on Braves baseball courtesy of WTBS, and that was all the baseball we got on a consistant basis.  If we got WGN instead, I'd probably be a Cubs fan.  As for the NHL and NFL, my favorite players are on those teams.  The WHL team is local, and the Arenaball team has a player who used to play in this neck of the woods.

And those are the reasons for my "geographically scattered loyalties."  :)


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As an Aussie this might seem a little weird, but here's mine:

NFL: NFC teams (We used to get only the NFC playoffs on FOX, so I developed a strange dislike of AFC teams  ??? My Franchise on Madden 2004 is the Eagles for something different)

NHL: No preference, although I like the sound of the Tampa Bay Lightning, their logos and unis suck! LOL Maybe someone can tell me who I should "root" for!

NBL: Used to like the Bulls when Luc Longley played for them, but only dislike certain teams without any stand out team I like.

MLB: I used to play baseball when I was a lil kid and since the late 1980s (ie as long as I remember) have liked the Yankees... call me a bandwagon jumper, but I'm transfixed by those famous pinstripes.

Seeing as some of you have mentioned other teams, my NRL (National Rugby League) team is the Melbourne Storm, while my AFL (Australian Football League) team is the Geelong Cats... as you'll see in my avatar!

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