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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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This takes the cake


More info here Uni Watch

From UniWatch: "Reprinted from last night?s comments: In response to yesterday?s Ticker item about Reggie Jackson wearing a Mariners uni for the AL team portrait prior to the 1979 All-Star Game, Steve J. Rogers came up with the portrait, and sure enough, there?s Reggie."

I was looking for the explanation of why the guy in the Rangers jersey was wearing a Cubs cap.

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Here's one that I haven't seen posted yet..



Interesting Baseball fact: In 1960: Baltimore, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh had 2 AAA affiliates, while Los Angeles had 3 teams...and the New York Yankees had the Kansas City Athletics.

Interesting Hockey fact: In 1974, the Buffalo Sabres draft Taro Tsujimoto of the Toyko Katanas with th 183 pick in the draft. It was later revealed that Taro didn't exist, but Taro is still listed as an offical draftee of the Buffalo Sabres in their Media Guide.

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Darryl Sittler with the Flyers??

I'm just the right age to have started following hockey not too long after Sittler moved to the Flyers and that's the still main image I have of him in my head. So, to me, Sittler in a Leafs uni looks strange. Yeah, I know. Sounds weird.

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i was trying to find chauncey billups on the raptors, but i couldn't, so i tip my hat to anybody that can.

what i ended up finding was ben wallace, on the washington bullets, wizards, and his only season with the orlando magic.




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He ain't a legend yet, but he is quickly on his way to becoming one...


What about this Californian legend?


The man on the left isn't easily recognizable in this uniform and without one of the most famous masks to ever be worn - Gerry Cheevers.


Another man who made a mask famous - Bernie Parent.


Because Korbyn Is Colour Blind, My Signature Is Now Idiot Proof - Thanks Again Braden!!

Go Leafs Go!

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