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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Johnny Damon with the Royals on TATC Night





College sports as we know them are just about dead. The lid is off on all the corruption that taints just about every major program and every decision that the schools or the NCAA make is only about money, money, and more money. We'll have three 16+ team super-conferences sooner rather than later, killing much of the regional flair and traditional rivalries that make college sports unique and showing the door to any school that doesn't bring money to the table in the process. Pretty soon the smaller schools are going to have to consider forming their own sanctioning body to keep the true spirit of college sports alive because the NCAA will only get worse in it's excess from here
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How about Brett with the Falcons?


Not only is that Farve in his first uniform, check out the helmet - it's not his now familiar Riddell WD-1 with a standard 2-bar OPO facemask and single-snap chinstrap but a Schutt Air Power with a Deon Sanders-approved EGOP (eyeglass protection) version and a high-mount chinstrap.

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FWIW, here's the original thread.

Inspired by the same SI piece, and running 25 pages....

I thought the same thing right away when I saw this thread...we've done this before, complete with most of the same examples. I was going to post the same link, but knew people would ignore it.

The other one has way more examples... unfortunately they're all old, defunct, "user posted image" links.

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How about...

Mark Messier - Vancouver Canucks

Ron Francis - Toronto Maple Leafs

Brian Leetch - Boston Bruins

Brian Leetch - Toronto Maple Leafs

Maybe? :)

definately...ill raise you messier in a nucks jersey with...

linden in habs and isles and caps colours!




and leetch...when he left the rangers...and ended up with the bruins and leafs...i was hoping hed find a way to end up playing with the wings hawks and habs aswell before retiring

speaking of...has there been any player in the modern era to play for all 6 original 6 teams??



mia Marek Schwarz



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