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2008 NBA All Star Jersey


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I believe that these are the uniforms that will be worn this year at the NBA All Star Game in New Orleans:



Also, here's what they look like in real life:



The shorts kind of remind me of soccer shorts (to be more specific, the adidas Aquilla shorts).

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Beveled... Not Good

Two different colors: Not good

Adidas 3 stripes down the side: not good

Even with those problems I dont mind them that much, the wordmark is cool looking, will be interesting to see how they look on a player.

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i don't get it. one has way too much silver, the other way too much gold...i understand its just a mock-up, but who from the timberwolves is projected to be an all-star? al jefferson? what about the wizards? an injured gilbert arenas? whatever, they just messed up the jerseys, the logo package and overall identity of the NOLA all-star game are very solid, so i will just pretend the jerseys arent there when i watch.

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Right now these are bad, but with a few adjustments they could be great. The stars on the back are unnecesary, as is the beveling. Remove those and it will be a much cleaner look. Why do they have to put three stripes on everything. If they are really having the stripes subliminated on the jerseys it will look horrible, and that is coming from someone that liked the Magic's old jerseys. A bonus would be to use the All-Star Game colors (teal and gold) each year, but that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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Terrible job. Way too busy, no need for different colored back, the stars are unnecessary, the beveling is as well, and it's just a horrible script. Ugliest ASG unis since the year they had it in San Antonio.

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