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New Pepsi products logos in the works


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If they go through w/ this,i'm switch to coke products full time out of protest,seriously.

I'd do the same if the Mello Yello was more widely available. I like it more than Mountain Dew, but it's so rare that I actually even see Mello Yello that I may be screwed.


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reminded me of this immediately:


which i'm sure puts me in the far minority of all people who have seen the new pepsi logo. lol.


Weird. I wonder why the pennant says "Saskatchewan" and not "Saskatoon."

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Why do you go to a restaurant and order a Coke whether they serve Coke or Pepsi, because Coke has established itself as the brand and has not changed and is reliable in look and taste.

You DO realize that your statement is a regional thing, and not everyone does that, don't you?

It's where I sit.

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