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Which sports video game brand is best?  

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There's absolutely no comparison in this category. A lot of people made a bunch of hype over the new ESPN basketball game this year but since it's release I haven't heard anything.


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I love EA, but for me I liked the Sega version of football... particularly how you select plays much better.

It was DIFFERENT, and took some getting used to, but all in all, i thoguht it was better.

But, as a rule, you can't go wrong with EA, and you can't go right with 989... they blow.

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SEGA all the way. their footbal games are the best even better than madden. i dont see how people dont see that

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As a rule of thumb -- I generally go with EA.

But they have some games I don't like too much.

ESPN College Hoops over NCAA Marchmadness 2004

NBA Inside Drive over NBA Live 2004.

But the football games are top-notch.


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Usually, I would say EA Sports, but this year, in my eyes it's no contest - Sega hands down.

I have both ESPN NBA Basketall and NBA Live 2004... and ESPN just completely destroys Live this year.... graphically, ESPN is just sickening... Live is horrible... as for gameplay, each has their strong points, but I prefer ESPN... with a few adjustments to make the game more difficult.

Also this year, ESPN NHL Hockey has claimed the throne for hockey games.

But that's just me.

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Yeah I also own both Live 2004 and ESPN NBA 2k4 and I would have to agree with starchild and say ESPN takes the cake. I have always been a sega sports fan since 2k1 and I have never been a real live fan. IMO live drastically improved since 2003 though, I simply prefer ESPN over live though.

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i'll list my personal preferences by sport:

football: EA...Madden. NCAA. enough said.

basketball: torn between 989 and Sega/ESPN. i'll give ESPN the edge cus transition from NBA 2k4 to College Hoops 2k4 is seamless. transition from Shootout to Final Four is hellish. haven't been a Live fan since the 2000 game

baseball: again, torn between 989 and Acclaim. MLB 2004 was solid, had it til a few weeks ago when i traded it in...just recently got ASB 2004, but the problems that turned me off to the 2003 version make me consider trading THAT in when i go get MLB 2005

hockey: last year i was playing Faceoff (989) all year...it's kinda like i hated its 2001 version but grabbed it later and liked it. then i liked 2003 despite its many flaws. right now, since faceoff didn't come out this year, i'm playing Hitz Pro which rules all. i've said it before, and i'll say it again: Goalies= :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: damn beautiful sight to see

tried ESPN NHL, traded it in cus frankly, a guy whose speed rating is in the low 50s shouldn't be catching up to paul kariya :cursing:

soccer: i used to play a whole lot of FIFA Road to World Cup 98. I sort of had a feeling that was as good as it's gotten lately as far as FIFA's concerned. now i'm a World Tour Soccer guy (again, 989)...good game the last two years, and i can't wait to see what they did with the ball physics. basically, any team you can think of will be there, including classic teams like the 70s Cosmos and 60s Man U... :hockeysmiley:

basically, it's not that i'm a 989 guy, i just happen to like most of what they put out. football wise, you can't go right with 989, gameday and gamebreaker are terrible...but you might wanna pick up at least MLB and World Tour, those are 989's best games IMO


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How often do you get a new sports game, and do you get more than one of the same sport? I've only ever seen the need to have one football game, one hockey, etc... and I generally keep the same game for several years before getting a new update.

How about everyone else?

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I've been an EA guy since I bought Lakers vs Celtics for my IBM PS2 in 1989. I'll be buying MVP 2004 when it comes out and updating NCAA FB and NHL in the fall. Madden I can probably live with for a few years unless there's a rash of radical uniform changes in the NFL over the next year or two.

It will be interesting to see if there is an NHL 2005 if the CBA isn't worked out by late summer. I know they did release NHL 95 on time during the labor issue in 1994, but I don't think anyone felt that the 94 labor stoppage posed as large and as fatal a threat as this impending impasse does.

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I'm an EA guy... can't wait for MLB Baseball 2004.

It's MVP, not MLB.

BTW, the game comes out March 9th.

Actually, there IS a MLB 2004, but it came out last year. 989 will come out with MLB 2005 this month. I always assumed that the only time you bought a 989 sports game was when you wanted something to play on your old ps1.

On a whole, If its about whos best, you can't deny EA sports. They have been setting the bar since the beginning of sports games. They have a wide variety of games, unmatched by espn, or any other group.

I did prefer WSB 2k3 and the espn nba games the last couple years, but to me, ESPN is starting to look like 989 games with the espn template. That gets old.

Im undecided for my baseball game purchase. It was between espn and ea, but then I read about the 989 MLB 2005 which is going to have a "career" mode, and that alone put it on my consideration list. I watched some video yesterday of EA and ESPN, and ESPN has been removed from my list. Its down to EA and 989, though Im thinking that I will probably buy EA's MVP, and rent MLB 2005 to see if its worth that one career mode option.

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