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Greatest Game You Have Been At?


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Ok, guys what is the greatest game you have seen in person?

Me, I would have to say game 7 of this past years ALCS at Yankee Stadium. There were a bunch of Red Sox fans near where I was sitting, when they were up by alot all Red Sox fans were cheering how the curse was over. When the Yankees tied it they shut up and got nervous. When Boone hit the home run they were all speechless and had this look on there face. The Stadium had exploded in cheers on the home run.

Other games, I've been to were Game 4 of the 2001 World Series when Tino hit the home run to tie against arizona. And although not great games I was at Game 4 of the 95 Stanley Cup Finals, and Game 7 of the 2003 finals, both games I watched my team win the Stanley Cup.

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I wish I lived in a city where I could attend a NHL playoff game... then again standing room from a scalper for $200 could sound reasonable :(

Greatest baseball game i've been to was a Dodgers/Expos game in August 2002, LA wins 1-0, game ends on a Sac Fly play at the plate in which Shawn Green picked off the runner in a very close play at home plate (similiar as the Ivan Rodriguez thing in 2003).

Greatest football game i've been to was an Argonauts/Stampeders game in November 2002, the Argos had to win to make the playoffs and they were way down at the half, by something like 20 points, and they came back to win on a last second intercepted touchdown.

Best basketball game was a Raptors/Bulls game I went to in January 1996, I watched the expansion Raptors take the greatest single-season team of all time to the edge before losing 92-89.

I've only been to a couple of NHL games, but the best one I've been to was a 2-1 win by the Thrashers over the Senators in overtime in March 2002... Danny Heatly scored the OT winner, and Dan Snyder got a game misconduct for attempting to injure sami salo. The Sens were outshooting the Thrashers 20-1 after the first period, and it was the first NHL game for both goaltenders. The Sens ended up outshooting the Thrashers 56-11.


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I was at one NHL game, Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs, it was the year that the Habs signed Andy moog, and Les habitants won in OT. It was only preseason, but to attend a Leafs/Canadiens game in MLG will be somthing I will always remember.

Other than that, three less significant games than many others, involving the OHL

1/ Last game for the North Bay Centenials Saying good-bye

2/ Barrie Colts, Oshawa Generals playoffs. The Colts were almost the top rated team int eh CHL, Oshawa severe underdogs, I've never seen the Civic more packed or emotional. The atmosphere was electric that night, and best of all the Generals won the series 4-3. They didn't get past the next round, but man was that a series to remember

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I was at the game when Brett Hull got his first NHL hat trick,


1988 Winter Olympics medal round game--USSR vs the Czechs


Jeff Garcia's first CFL start--a big victory over arch rival Edmonton Eskimos on Labour Day.

Also a few CFL playoff games and Labour Day games--that are usually quite entertaining...

(although I don't think I've ever seen the Argos in person--I've seen all the Western teams, and just Hamilton form the East)

Also I've been to a few CFL all star games form way back when...

I know someone who was at Tim Horton's last NHL game...

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October 13, 1998 - Game 6, 1998 ALCS

Yankees advance one step further in their record-breaking season. I was in the second to last row of the upper deck right behind home plate and I had the time of my life.

My brother saw Messier pass Howe last November...

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I grw up watching Bobby Hull in the old Winnipeg Arena, before they expanded it into the abortion it is today, the guy whipping around the ice, no teeth and a combover trailing behind him...utterly fantastic.

I was at Game 3 of the final Jets' playoff series against the Red Wings...I have NEVER in my LIFE been in a louder place in my life...15000 screaming fans all in white, you couldn't hear yourself breathe, it was so loud...Jets won, 6-4. We were in the upper deck, and I swear to God, the more the fans yelled and stomped, the thing just shook...up and down, a good 4-5 inches each way...THE most intense game I've ever been to.

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The June 30,2000 Mets/Braves game, where the Mets had a 10-run 8th inning to beat the Braves. The stadium was shaking, and being I've only been to Mets, a few Giants, Islanders (back in the days where they sucked), and Army Football games, I havent had too many great games.

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Wow BoSox I was not at that game but I remember it like it was yesterday it was thrilling just watching at home. PIazza's fist pump when he hitthe go ahead Homer was classic.

Any way the best game I went to was March 31, 1998 Opening Day at Shea Stadium.

The game was scoreless until the 14th Inning when Alberto Castillo delivered a 2-out hit with the bases laoaded for a 1-0 win.



For the best in sports history go to the Sports E-Cyclopedia at



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Mine greatest game happened on my greatest sports day.

I think it was 1988. I went to Fenway Park with my sister and her boyfriend and saw two games: Red Sox (I forget the opponent), and before that, the Red Sox/Old Timers Day game. The Red Sox won the regular game.

On the way back home, we had to stop at North Station. My sister's boyfriend worked for the Maine Mariners, the Bruins AHL affiliate. He scored us tickets to the game that night: Game 7, Bruins vs. Devils, Wales Conference Championship. We sat 2nd row, in front of one of the faceoff circles. I saw the game-winning goal in front of me, and the Wales trophy was skated past me when the Bruins won. It was awesome!!

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I can't beat Game 7 of last years ALCS but one that was very special to me.

I got a single ticket to a game to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play one of their first games at Jack Murphy Stadium April 10th, 1998. Andy Benes returned to San Diego and was ahead 4-2 for most of the game. We got a couple guys on in the 8th but couldn't get them home. Out goes Benes, in comes Felix Rodriguez. I don't think a single person was sitting from the bottom of the 8th inning on. Felix gets the first two guys easily before we get Walk, Single up the middle, Walk. Up steps Steve Finley...and that long lined shot into the right field bleachers. I haven't felt that majic before or since. The closest it got was Game 3 of that year's world series. We were ahead and here comes Trevor and I felt I was going to be there to see the Padres 2nd World Series game victory and Scott F*n Brosius takes him deep right underneath where we were sitting. Dead center.

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A game I was at would have been great had they won was the one game playoff between the reds and mets in 99. The place was pretty loud before the game but afterwards people were silent.

I was at Ohio stadium when they beat Michigan to earn a birth in the fiesta bowl. The old girl was rocking that day. I was in the upper deck and me and my friend ran down all these flights of stairs and ran on the field it was awesome. The best NFL game I was at was this past year when the Bengals beat the 9-0 Cheifs. The stadium was packed, and there was this erie fog like something out of the ordinary was going to happen. It was the loudest I have ever heard PBS. I rode to the game with cheifs fans who couldn't talk about anything other than how good the cheifs were. They were so quiet on the way home.



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Seeing Michael Jordan knock this game down and kill my Utah Jazz

Game 6, 1998 NBA Finals - Chicago Bulls at Utah Jazz



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From NLL.com:

4-10-93: Buffalo wins their second consecutive League Championship with a 13-12 comeback victory over the Philadelphia Wings before 16,325 in sold out Memorial Auditorium. The Bandits keep their 18 game winning streak alive, the longest in professional sports. Buffalo joins the Wings as the only team in League history to win back-to-back championships.

I was there...and it was INTENSE.

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Probably the only notable one:

February 19, 2002:

Acadie-Bathurst Titan 2

Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 12

I got tickets to this game without realizing that for some odd reason it was being broadcast coast-to-coast on Sportsnet. The great part was that they absolutely crushed the #1 team in the league 12-2. The game had everything. Fights, penalty shot, awesome goaltending from Marc-Andre Flery, and George Davis jumping into the Titan bench only to get the piss beat out of him. Brawls ensues left and right, and when all was said and done, the Titan only had nine skaters left.

The bad part? While the game was sold out, only about 2000 fans showed up because of this absolutely terrible blizzard raging outside. Took us two hours after the game to get home, even though it's only a fifteen minute drive and there was little traffic.

Oh, and I got to work behind the scenes at the 2003 World Junior Hockey Championships. I got to watch many games for free live, even though everybody crushed my assigned team Belarus.

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April 13th 1997.....A day which will live in infamy.....

Actually it was the last Hartford Whalers game, in which they beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1. It was very sad, but the atmosphere was alive and everybody wanted just one final good-bye. They got in a win,

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september 27, 1999

final game at tiger stadium. robert fick hits a grand slam in the 8th, and the final homer ever at the corner, off the right field roof facing and todd 'rollercoaster' jones struck out 2 of 3 in the ninth to seal the victory. perhaps the saddest and greatest sports moment of my life. tears were in nearly everyone's eyes. the end of a 100 year era of baseball at the corner of Michigan & Trumbull in the Corktown district of Detroit. i especially miss going to the Maxie's Deli before games, and Designated Hatter after games to see what jerseys were on sale and hitting the Batter's Box bar for some suds. Damn, i miss Tiger Stadium and the surrounding area.

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As for me, I will have say a San Francisco Giants game in August 2001. Barry Bonds hit two home runs including the game winning home-run. The atmosphere at Pac-Bell (SBC) Park made it that much special. A close second was the 2001 NLL championship game at the ACC between Phily and Toronto. Unfortunately Toronto lost. DARN!

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the best game i've attended was in 1996 NFC playoffs Cowboys at Panthers. we took it to the 'Boys. the all-stars were either beat up on, hauled off on stretchers, or just plain ineffective. it was the first year the Panthers played in Charlotte, and went undefeated at home. i was able to see a few games that year and many since. a somewhat hazy recolection follows a day long of tailgating and wild goings on. even the strip club across the street from the stadium was packed out (free in with a ticket stub).

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