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You just had to bring this thread back up, get me going again...

Bethune-Cookman alternate:


Florida Gulf Coast primary, decent quality:


Georgia State alternate/script:


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Bringing this back to say thanks to all of those who contributed to this. Hopefully within the next few weeks, I will add my own with hopeful "transformations" of the Nike Pro Combat jerseys from the past two seasons and IF I can still find the graphics, the special uniforms that were worn in 2003 by USC, Miami, FSU, Florida and that other school...

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Thanks to VertigoKeyz on the Best and Worst College logos by conference forum from '06 that he brought back. The MVSU Delta Devils logo, much cleaner


Ah, yes, Jerry Rice's alma-mater.

This is one of those weird logos where it looks great from a distance, but then looks awful when you get a closer look. It's weird, maybe it's just me. But, for example, when scrolling through the teams on NCAA Football video games and coming across MVSU, (mind you the logos aren't that big in the games) you think "Hey, that's pretty cool." Then you see the same logo at this size and you think "Wow, that's awful" instead.

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Mercyhurst College 2006-Present (yes, they're NCAA D1 in Men's and Women's hockey, and these are all hockey logos)


alternate logo 2006-present

Primary Logo 1988-Present (used on home jerseys)


Primary Logo 2 1988-Present (used on away jerseys)


(both logos were actually designed by Coach Rick Gotkin)

Secondary Logo 2005-2010 (used on home jerseys and third jersey)


Secondary Logo 2 2005-2010 (used on away jerseys)


Secondary Logo 2010-Present (used on home and away jerseys)


Primary Logo 1986-88


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Spearhead, you never cease to amaze with the old logos.

Also, I agree that this thread should be pinned.

Here are some recent updates, taken from their respective threads-




New Orleans



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