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This is part of my MLB series. It is basically Turn Ahead the Clock based on the concepts I have in my series. I will try to do one for each team. Some might be way out there, others...well who knows. Remember, this is the future of baseball! ^_^ C+C is greatly appreciated.

Arizona Diamondbacks

I actually got the idea for this series while driving through the desert between Phoenix and Tucson a few weeks ago. As day turned to night, I noticed how cool the scenery looked and instantly thought of the Coyotes old alternate jersey. Then I thought about something like that for the Diamondbacks would look sweet. I sketched up some ideas and...well, here is the final product.


Atlanta Braves

I have always been fond of the Braves' tomahawk. It is a very unique part of their identity. I wrapped it around the jersey and based the name and numbers around that. The cap is actually the same as the one is my series, but I felt it fit in perfectly here.


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dbacks concept would look SOOOOOO much better in their current sedona red and black. a desert is about the last thing i'd think of when i see purple and green. and i much prefer their new wordmark, number font, and last name font. there's a reason the dbacks got rid of that color scheme, and i definitely think it was for the best.

still, it's an awesome concept. one of the best i've seen. i'd love to see it in red and black.

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