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Islanders Fisherman Logo

Mr. Krabs

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A big fat 10.

He's been to sea too long, smells like fish and hasn't had a woman for as long as he can remember and he's pretty pissed off about it.

Not only that some a-hole made him wear orange and aqua and to take out his frustrations, he wants to play some hockey -

and right now!

Now that's a great logo. :notworthy:


edit:Uh, I guess I meant a "1" if one is the best. Who makes "10" the worst? :cursing:


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Visually, I'd give it a solid 2 or 3, but obviously the fans on Long Island didn't dig it... so it didn't succeed... You have to wonder if they would have liked it if the Isles didn't suck so bad that year.

*edit* I didn't read carefully on m first post.... what kind of backwards scale is 10 the worst? :P

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Personally, I loved the Islanders' "Fisherman" logo. I thought that it was well-rendered and came up with a clever way to visually represent the idea of an "Islander", while also paying homage to an industry that has long served the entire island. I wasn't crazy about the teal/aqua that was added to the color palette, but overall I thought that it was a brilliant new identity package. Much better than that poor excuse for a Rorschach Test that they sport on their jereseys now.

If a rating of 1 was the absolute best, I'd have given the package - new logos, uniforms and colors - a 2.

Brian in Boston

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if they'd refrained from using teal in that logo/uniform, i'd really like it. but as it is, i just sorta have a warm place in my heart for it.

if i could find one of those ugly jerseys in my size anywhere, i'd likely buy it....

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I liked the fisherman, but wasn't thrilled with the curvy stripe pattern (I guess they were going for waves). The fact that the Islanders won four cups in the butt ugly map with a hockey stick Y is the only reason the folks on the Island get so upset when people talk about changing. Why do people think that it is so hard to hold on to your history simple because you want to make a change for the future.

Seeing DiPietro, Peca and Parrish in new duds wouldn't make your memories of Bossy, Tonelli, Potvin and B. Smith any less special.

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I maybe in the minority, but I liked the "gordon fisherman" - the "popeye of hockey", the lighthouse logo is better but I liked it! I give it a "2".

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I think the Islanders and the Islander fans got tired of when ever they went on the road the entire crowd chanting at them "We want fishsticks!!!"

I like the current Islander unis' and logo. I don't like the alternate howver.

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I really liked the logo... not so huge on the jersey's waves, especially th text that waved right along, but if I found one of those jerseys in a bargain bin somewhere (that wasn't dirty looking... you know what I mean), I'd snap it up.

I really don't like the logo they use now. For the longest time I wondered what the paint splash across their chest was for... now I know it's the shape of the Island. Also, the Y with the hockey stick looks like a hockey stick with a big straight beefy arm sticking out of it's neck there...

In short, I don't understand why the Isles fans hated Mr. Gorton so long... even if he did look like a fishsticks mascot, he was many times better than the logo they brought back. I'd give the fisherman a solid 2 out of 10 (ten being the worst apparently). The current logo I'd give a 8, one of the worst in the NHL IMO.

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I cast my vote to 1.5

Awsome, details were good, illustration quality, shadows, etc...

I bought one... Colours rule...

Why they abandoned it?

"we want fish sticks!..."

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I'd give it a 9

and you guys are all crazy!!!!!! :D

well ok, everyones entitled to their opinion but cmon, lets think in terms of marketing design here. Why are we still trying to shove this bad medicine down islander fans throats?

The fact that the logo better portrays an "islander" doesnt matter. PERIOD.

The criteria here, and for any decent, logo is to connect with it's intended audience. Thats why marketing teams consult focus groups at length before they lay a big F bomb on the fans.

Whether or not you or I or someone half way across the country likes this because it makes more "sense" doesnt matter. Islander fans just didn't connect with it. The logo pretty well erased their storied history and never symbolized their concept of a "long islander". Just look at the track record! The logo was abandoned midway through it's second season. This was unprecidented and went totally against NHL policy!

In that regard the marketing-design team failed miserably and should be judged accordingly. If every logo they came up with performed that abysmally they surely would not remain employed for very long.

As for the design from a purely visual standpoint, I just don't find it that nice to look at. Sorry, but between the net, the fisherman, islanders script, and those wavy 70's soda cup lines, there's too many elements going on. I LOATHE teal in any form as well. I'd rather see a team wear brown and yellow.

Personally, I've never really cared how well a logo translates literally to the subject matter. Some of the best logo's are completely abstract or have no connection to the subject and still work. Of course length of service counts as well.

A few examples spring to mind: the oakland A's elephant, and the ralston purina checkerboard. No connection to the subject matter, but instantly recognizable and eminently effective.

discuss :D


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The whole package gets a 5.

Adding teal scores them a 10 - bad, bad move.

The "wave" pattern on the jersey is a solid 9 - really ugly.

The fisherman is a great idea, but it should have been dignified-looking and it ended up too goofy. 5.

The lighthouse logo is the best thing about the whole package. Nothing less than a 1 for the lighthouse, which would look really great on the shoulders of the current jersey.

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I guess I disagree with most. I hated it. If it would have been the team's original logo, it would have been ok, but I love the original (and current) logo. Add on the wavy trim and I think the change was just a bad idea.

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



POTD (Shared)

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I'm a little surprised that the fisherman logo is getting so much love here, too. I hated that thing. With or without the teal, it looked garish and bush league. From a graphic design standpoint, I'm sure it's stronger than what they have now (and originally), but that doesn't mean that it doesn't still suck. For all it's imperfections, the "NY" island logo is great.

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