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Motherboard Hacked?


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The kids who did this seriously need to get a life

"Did you know a girl looked at me in the hallway?"

"Seriously dude!"


"That's like second base, right?"

"I think so!"

"Awesome, man, just awesome. You wanna go grief in WoW?"

":censored: yeah, man! I just discovered swears yesterday!"


"Outside is for losers."

"Totally, man."

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The entirety of the source of that page:



<br><center><h1>Hacked by Vezir.04</h1>

Doesn't look like any cookie shenanigans going on, either.

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Wow, who hacks a sports logos website?

No, no...don't tell me...ah! The logos are no longer RGB optimized! The Toronto Blue Jays 1977 road jersey is missing! And - egad! They deleted all of the Cubs' World Champions patches! :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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