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Old cat and new cat:


Old UH:



New UH:




My thoughts? The new cat is an improvement, if only because the old cat looked like Wilford Brimley in cat form. The "cat within an oval" is a little overused - e.g. Penn State and Missouri - but the simplicity works pretty well. The new UH, however, is a disaster. The old one wasn't that great, but all the unnecessary beveling looks busy. In addition, crazy amounts of beveling look dated as of the mid-2000s (Atlanta Hawks rebrand, Milwaukee Bucks rebrand, Texas Tech, Texas A&M).

oh ,my god ,i strong recommend you to have a visit on the website ,or if i'm the president ,i would have an barceque with the anthor of the articel .
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Just for shiggles, I decided to do a few mock ups with the new UH without the bevels.


Had they come out with this, I could easily see a lot of complaints about how it was too generic and that they look like a D3 team. Even though part of me wishes they would've just brought back the old, thinner UH, I can't complain about the route they went.

As far as the cougar... nothing is wrong with it per se, but as I pointed out here, the aggressive-animal-in-an-oval thing has been done to deal, especially with cats.

Overall, though, I'd have to say solid upgrade.

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The new UH is okay, but I'm LOVING this. Sleek, refined, works in black and white?really makes me wish Bethune-Cookman had come out with this.

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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Posted this in the other thread, I'll just add it here.

Excellent upgrade for Houston.

Their interlocking UH was a ripoff of the already bad interlocking UK that Kentucky uses. Now they've got a unique (though interlocking block letters will never be THAT unique) version AND a pretty badass cougar head.

I'm a fan.

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Looks great, but why even more blue? When I think of U of H, I think red. I recall getting a whole history of UH when I went to school there but don't recall mentions of blue. But, hey, that was two logos ago.

And I found this on their website

The UH Color Palette

University of Houston?s primary color is red, PMS 186, sometimes known as ?Cougar Red?. Secondary colors are black, white and silver/grey. These colors should comprise the UH Brand Color Palette. As with all graphic elements, these school colors have a rich historical tradition and are immediately identifiable amongst internal and external audiences.

The Pantone PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers are:

186 red, black and white

Red RGB colors:

204 (red)

0 (green)

0 (blue)

Silver RGB colors:

153 (red)

153 (green)

153 (blue)

To provide greater flexibility in designing materials the PMS color 877 silver has also been added.

Silver is 60% of black

Red CMYK Formula: C=0, M=100, Y=81, K=4

The RGB color combinations are:

Red HEX color #CC0000

Silver HEX color #999999

Where the hell did the navy come from.

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