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It's not like they haven't used blue/navy before. A quick Google Image search for "Houston Cougars" reveals plenty of it.

I love the Cougar head, though I feel like they could have eliminated the oval and still had a very strong mark. The UH is nice--I even like the bevels--but the filled-in corner off of the U really, really, really bothers me.

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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Ha. 'It's a disaster'. Brilliant. Not all opinions are born equal.

agreed. a disaster? get the hell out of here. that monogram is ace.

its the same concept but built with more finesse. and built with the skilled hands of Joe Bosack. the way the letters fit together is perfect, theres no awkward spaces between them, and the strokes all align. the serifs match the letter forms very well and look strong and square while the old looked as if it had a house dropped on it. all the shading pieces, weather you like that look or not, is clearly handled just as well. this monogram was built by a professional craftsman, who kept their visual identity intact while making them better quality pieces. i would like to see blue used in the monogram to match the cougar but im sure thats Houston's decision.

i'll also agree the circle/cat is a bit generic but damn, what a beautiful mark it is. id love to see that on the helmets




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Just for shiggles, I decided to do a few mock ups with the new UH without the bevels.


Had they come out with this, I could easily see a lot of complaints about how it was too generic and that they look like a D3 team. Even though part of me wishes they would've just brought back the old, thinner UH, I can't complain about the route they went.

As far as the cougar... nothing is wrong with it per se, but as I pointed out here, the aggressive-animal-in-an-oval thing has been done to deal, especially with cats.

Overall, though, I'd have to say solid upgrade.

Without the bevels, the UH looks a lot like Kentucky.


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The UH mark is an ok upgrade to me, maybe they were set on keeping that mark so there's no much you can do.

The Cougar on the other hand is very nice, love the use of negative space to convey the whiskers. My only critique would be the almost Vancouver Canuck shape that is at the bottom. Maybe it's the shark fin part that could have been handled a bit differently. Overall a nice clean update.

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love the cougar logo...simple and well done...really nice work - i've been shocked that a major d1 used such a horrible logo for as long as houston did with their previous logo

love the UH logo

i don't love the two together...the UH logo looks clunky beside that sleek cat and they look like the were designed separately

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I really like the beveled look to the UH. It just makes it look nicer.

And I have no complaints about the Cogar logo. Sure, it's similar to a lot of logos, but different enough to make it stand out.

All in all, good updates by Houston.

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There was something said by AD Rhoades today at the press conference that UH's colors are red and white and they would be eliminating navy. Um....then why is there navy on the Cougar you ask? He added navy is ok on the Cougar but not on the primary.

Um ok.

But at least we know the UH is for sure the primary mark.

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Beautiful execution on the cougar head logo!

However, the longer I look at the nose of the cougar, the more its positioning bothers me. It seems e it should be much farther to the right. Other than that, I have trouble finding anything negative to say about it or the new identity as a whole. Definite upgrade!


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Anyone know who's responsible for these?

I agree, the cougar is a great update, not crazy about it in a oval cause I have that natural reaction of "Der...ovals are so 90's!" In reality, ovals can be used when its thought about in advance instead of not having an answer and sticking it in an oval.

Same kind of thing with all the overused fonts. They have a place and are in ways are overused cause they are good, but typically people just go to them cause its easy.

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