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Redskins 80th Anniversairy


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So is there any chance that when the 'Skins take the field with these unis, that the facemask will be grey? I ask because the Nike mock-up below shows a grey facemask. Maybe some fine tuning prior to them seeing the field?


Hmm, that is very odd my guess is that it will be brown like it is in the HGI Facebook pictures of the helmet.

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I really like these alts. A LOT.

HGI has really made themselves known as of late (giving credit where it should be due). Kinda curious, now that this leather-texture helmet has been produced for the Redskins, if any other teams would even be allowed to do so now. If so, then someone ship some to the Steelers to wear with their bumblebee throwbacks. (Off-hand: how cool would it be if the Steelers and Redskins played each other in their respective throwback alts?)

Back to the helmets...this may well serve as a game-changer in the NFL level. We kinda already saw that with the Seahawks helmet, but I'm curious to see if these textured patterns take hold on a primary basis.

(One other question: does HGI produce exclusively for Nike or are they free to produce for whatever other manufacturer?)

No they did all of Maryland's helmets last year for Under Armour as well as all of Notre Dame's for Adidas.

Troy Lee Designs did the engine-turned gold leaf helmets for Notre Dame, not HGI.

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just for clarification, HGI now does all of the Notre Dame helmets...


HGI and Notre Dame set Gold Standard

Troy Lee did these one-off monstrosities... for the 'under the lights' collection.


TLD Creates Shamrock Series for Notre Dame

HGI is based out of Portland. The Nike Campus and Adidas HQ are not far. im sure its helpful for them to have a local shop help develop concepts.

i really like this set. if the facemask is dark brown, that would be ideal. if it is indeed black, it still looks pretty good. i think a grey facemask would look terrible, as it does on the Nike promo shots.

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cut the league a little slack that was throwback v1.0 they've had almost 20 years to perfect them


I wouldn't cut the league an inch of slack for the disaster of 1994, or version 1.0 as you call it.

Why were teams like the Oilers, Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, Falcons, Cardinals, Bucs, LA Rams and others able to totally replicate the throwbacks they were throwing back to??

Teams like the Jets, Bills, and others made a mockery of it by simply switching logo decals or limited details,

The Jets used their old 1968 logo on the 1994 green helmet. They should have at least used the one from 1964 that was inverted and would have been more visible on their 1994 green helmets.


The Bills inverted the '62-'73 Grazing Bison logo by changing it's color from red to white and putting it on their 1994 red helmet. It's as is both teams just didn't wanna spend the extra money on white throwback helmets.

Bottom line is that all 30 teams back then didn't need 20 years to perfect them, it could have been done correctly back them, as we saw when some of the other clubs had their throwbacks completely perfected.

As a Bills fan I was embarrassed by ours, as we played Denver at home who had their original '66 away uniform perfected, and at Houston when the Oilers had their original 1960 uniforms perfected and all Buffalo pretty much did was swap decals on the helmet and the socks were retro.





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That 94 anniversary was really the first time football teams really tried the throwback thing. Some teams didn't think it necessary to buy another sets of helmets that would only be worn for one or two games. In today's world where the visuals are more highly regarded, a team would never dream of wearing the wrong helmet with their throwbacks.

It's sort of like in baseball how only recently have teams begun correctly matching batting helmets to match their one game throwback caps. Some teams still don't.

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Some teams also had safety concerns about the second set of helmets not being properly broken in. That's why you sometimes see players wear throwback helmets in training camp today.

I do cut them some slack, since the whole concept was brand-new to football (and the concept itself was only two couple years old when the NFL started planning it).

It wasn't just the NFL which was figuring out how high a value to place on historical accuracy. The year after the White Sox pioneered the idea, the Brewers and Rangers played a home-and-home throwback series in which both teams wore uniforms "inspired by" a 1920s aesthetic. Neither had a whole lot of basis in history - the Brewers' uniforms were similar to one of their predecessor club's 1920s look and the Rangers' uniform was just pulled out of the air.

You have to judge them based on the standards of the day.

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Those colors are so much better than what the redskins actually use. Mustard gold or dark burgundy helmet with a grey facemask would be a great complement.

Agreed Andrew ... I loved their 2002 throwback helmet with the gray face-mask. Those 2 colors really compliment one another IMO.

I give a FIVE (**) out of FIVE to the Redskins for their new throwback uniforms, and that simulated leather-looking helmet.

It took me to see them in the sunlight to appreciate just how cool looking they are, and I love the khaki pants. Just a really well done throwback IMO.

I hope they give them a multi-season run, and not just wear for one game like Philly did with their 1960 kelly green throwback.

The jersey color is fabulous, it's more of a claret than a burgundy as shows with the touch of plum mixed with the burgundy. Just brilliant !!!

H.T.T.R !! thumbsup.gif


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Its "Pumbaa". ;)

The uniforms ain't doing it for me, but that hog could potentially develop into a pretty nice alternate fan logo. Definitely has potential.

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If the redskins are ever forced to change their mascot I could definitely see them moving in this direction as apposed to something like warriors. I'm not feeling that logo as it is but I think the concept of it could easily be improved into something NFL caliber.

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