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Morgo's Hand Drawn NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning Final Update (07/09/2014)


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The Vancouver Canucks

I may be biased but I happen to think the Canucks are among the best dressed teams in the league. The new colour scheme in particular looks fantastic. That being said there is always room for improvement. While the striping pattern looks great on the Blue home jerseys, it doesn't fare so well on the White Away. Meanwhile on the inaugural set, the opposite is true. I sought to turn both striping patterns into something coherent with this set. The modern stick and rink has replaced orca as the main crest only this time it actually contrasts on the blue sweater. The third is a throwback to the Flying V only with the new colour scheme. The Canucks need a green jersey.


As always, C & C welcome. Thanks for looking!

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Love the Canucks' third. The craftsmanship on these is great. Puts some persons' digital work to shame.

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Thanks :)

Any other comments/suggestions on the set? Does the white version of the logo work?

Just a small thing, first of all lovely set the third looks like a classic turn of the century jersey. My only dislike is the head on the V's facing backwards. Not that it looks bad, just seems like a common theme to have such things face forward to show " the team is heading foward not back " so to say.

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I like the white better better because ice is white, and that has always bothered me about the classic stick and rink logo. Another thing I've noticed are how detailed and perfect your shoulder patches are. It must take unbelievable skill, precision, and really good markers to do that. (Applause) For the Canuck's third jersey, I like the idea, but right now it seems too plain. I would suggest adding a smaller version of the stick and rink at the bottom of the collar. Most college football jerseys have that feature and I think while it is not normally used in hockey, it would be a good addition to the third jersey.

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Morgo, I never realized I hadn't commented on this yet. I thought that I had! Well, regardless, here's what I think so far:

Lightning: I really like the new TB logo, the bottom end of the bolt looks a little too much like a spur to me though. I just can help but to think of the Spurs when I see it, even if there really isn't a resemblance. But I like 'em! The alt. looks fantastic as well, I've always liked that logo and thought that it would look good without the "Tampa Bay Lightning" script that always surrounded it.

Blues: As a Blues fan, I would openly welcome these to the ice. They're great. Very simple, very clean, very classy. I'm also actually a real big fan of that third jersey. I've always kinda liked the 90's Blues look when they featured red in their color scheme.

Wild: Definitely agree with you on the frustrating identity. They have, IMO, the best logo in the league (in all of sports really) and yet their identity suffers because their uniforms aren't, well... uniform. So I do like the uniformity as well as green being the color of choice for the home jerseys. The alternate logo you designed is pretty clever as well, I like that subtle nod to the North Stars

Canucks: Another great one here! I've always been iffy on whether or not I like the whale logo. I don't really like the all-blue current one, nor do I like the fact that the Canucks have "Vancouver" written on their jerseys. Great job going back to the updated "stick-in-rink" logo, it really fits in nicely with the Johnny Canuck V. Also, the V third jersey actually really works in blue and green. I think these would look really sharp on the ice.

So far here's what I'd rank 'em:

1. Canucks

2. Blues

3. Wild

4. Lightning

But great series so far! It's refreshing to see some hand-drawn stuff on here. It must take a while to do each of these too. I'm really impressed with how clean and crisp your lines are as well as how the you've drawn the logos so well and consistent. It's almost as if you have a real live copy+paste button! :P

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Everyone's going on about the Wild jerseys that I can't see--do you have them posted somewhere else on the web? All I get is text that says "Posted Image", no picture. It's the only jersey set in this thread like that.




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Everyone's going on about the Wild jerseys that I can't see--do you have them posted somewhere else on the web? All I get is text that says "Posted Image", no picture. It's the only jersey set in this thread like that.

I'm not sure what the issue you're having is; I can see all the pictures fine, including the Wild's, and when I checked the link of his images, they're all hosted on Imageshack.

Do you perhaps have an ad-blocker program that has overstepped its bounds?

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First of all I'd like to say that your ability to hand draw everything so consistently every time is incredible. I haven't commented as much as I should but I am looking, and I'm really enjoying your work.

I think one of the problems that Tampa Bay have always had is that their blue bleeds in with the black too much when viewed on television, and this was especially true of their first Edge uniforms. Kudos for keeping the two colours as far away from each other as possible. Interesting idea with the primary logo, it certainly is different from anything they've used before, but I think the execution is a bit awkward. Maybe it's because the logo is oversized here, or maybe it's too vertical - which in a way is pretty clever, considering the very thing the team was named for comes down from the sky. Love the throwback third, you've fixed the one problem I always had with that old logo in that it looked too cliparty. Yours ia a fantastic remake.

St. Louis has to be my favourite here so far. The home and roads are spot on, and I love the music staff motif on the third. I think the only thing wrong with the third is that it feels like there's too much red. It looks fine for the collar and the hemstripe as an accent colour, but the music staff would look better in blue.

Minnesota looks great, nice nod to the North Stars. Love the nods on the third too, and that hidden star/compass point design going around the circle is genius. Although with the background I'm for some reason getting the feel of a drinks label. I'm not sure why.

Good job with Vancouver again, I like that you went with the modern stick-in-rink as opposed to the original version. Although with their existing third I think that was one of the few times where a same colour logo actually looked better than it did in white. To each their own, I suppose. I never personally liked the Flying V design, but it does look better in these colours.

Can't wait to see more :D


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First off I would like to thank everyone for the inspiring feedback. Particularly Heitert and Wildwing64, your comments will prove invaluable as I go forward on this series, thanks for taking the time to comment on each team individually. Now, on to the next concept!

San Jose Sharks

I am huge fan of the Sharks 2007 redesign, particularly the new primary logo. The way the letters "S" and "J" appear in the fins of that logo is genius. That being said there are some elements of the original identity that should never have changed. Chief among them was the decision to replace grey with orange in the striping. I thought it looked fresh initially but now I wish they had just kept the grey. I also don't like how the original fin logo was retired which is why it is featured on the shoulders and pants once again. The primary logo is basically the same as the current with a few tweaks. The triangle no longer bends at the top and features less lines. The hockey stick has been tweaked to look less cartoonish as well. Went with angular striping on the sleeves because this team is a 90's expansion club and it should show.

No alternate. The Sharks have never had a good alternate look in my opinion and I loathe the recent decision to wear black in the playoffs. This is the only teal team and that's how it should stay.


As always C & C appreciated, thanks for looking!

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The Sharks are FANTASTIC! Only change I would make would be to consider using a modified version of this logo sfkxfsvkkklusgk94vgo.gif for the shoulder patches. The two things that bugged me about the original shoulder patch are that the fin is grey, when the shark is black, and that it's in a circle, when the primary is in a triangle. It just doesn't seem to match with the primary.

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