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Multiple Personalities


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I dont know why i'm complaining.. i still moonwalk everywhere..

I'm too white to moonwalk.

So is Michael Jackson. ^_^

Yep, Michael Jackson- living proof that black men have more rhythmn!

Wait... Michael Jackson is black? :shocked:

No- once he was black and had rhythm and decent tunes, now he is white and :censored:, sheeesh

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Ok guys, i feel the need to confess.

I am 49% of the lurkers on here, but i am also another 33% of the regulars.

Thats why there is so little from me for such a long post, but when they are posted under this name, they are so well thought out, witty, and otherwise ingenius.

Here are just a couple aliases i like to call myself.










and the real twist...


among others that post less



Actually everyteam except IowaFan in the NCFA. (sorry man)

Im sorry most of you thought you actually were talking to a community of people, it was just me.

And im not actually a man, im a woman.

Well, see there i go again, im notbeing entirely honest again.

Im not actually a woman, im a horse.

Ok, thats not even believable, with the hooves and all, i mean i suppose i could convert a NES powerpad into a keyboard, but no. Im not a horse people, Im actually a broom.

So next time you feel you are the moral or intellectual superior, rememeber your actually talking to a stick with a bundle of straw.

Im sorry for the confusion.

Does this clear it up for anyone out there confused?

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