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Minnesota Vikings Concept Stadium

South of South Street

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If you've seen my previous posts you will know I am an Architect from Philadelphia with a passion for stadium design. So, after reading the several blogs and Minneapolis newspaper articles about what people want in the new Vikings Stadium I decided to make a go at a domed stadium design myself.

I saw alot of talk about how Minnesotans wanted either a "Viking Ship" or a sleek modern dome. In my design I tried to accomodate both. I set up the stadium as a "ship" is the boldest sense of the word. Then I pulled the pieces apart and reconstructed them as I needed for the stadium portions to work. The hull is gone but the bow and stern appear as visual markers, while the port and starboard sides "hold in" the main seating areas. The roof is a set of ribs that shrink in proportion as they approach the endzones. The end zone upper seating is removed to allow the fans to see the bow and stern "masts". The exterior is "wood" (actually would be wood laminate or metal patterned panels) set in a shiplap style with the boards going vertical in lieu of the actual horizontal. Streel "oars" roind out the sides and act as structural support. In my opinion it is both campy and cool/ traditional and modern/ in your face and accomodating.

The location is on the existing Metrodome site with an orientation 90deg to that of the Metrodome.

South of South Street









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I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't feeling the first pic. It looked a bit like a thanksgiving turkey from that angle. However, as I went through the renaining shots, I started to like it a lot more. I love the glass ceiling, although the way it shadows on the field seems like it might be distracting. Oh, and I dig the "Norse Gate". Land O'Lakes field would most definitely be referred to as "The Butter Tub". I like it.

Great stuff again. Your work's always interesting and fresh to see on here.

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I love the way the ceiling looks with the natural light coming in. One thing to think about with that is glare, especially on kicks. The Astrodome initially had glass window panes, but the players had a hard time seeing pop flies. They ended up painting the glass, thus killing the grass, and astroturf was introduced.

Still, a cloth retractable "drape" could be cool, if it worked in the cold weather. The other events there could enjoy the sunlight.

Nice work again!

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This is some cool stuff.

Up until my senior year of high school, I had my heart and mind set on being an architect—but that dream fell apart once I finally realized that me and math just weren't destined to get along. That said, I have a serious appreciation for the time and effort that goes into something like this.

I really like the whole idea of the stadium as a "ship"—that's some out the box thinking. I too am curious as to how the "bow" would hold up in the wind—and Lord knows Minneapolis can get gusty. I'm not sure if certain structural steel supports would be able to hold it—but I wouldn't doubt they'd have to be anchored into the frame of that building pretty well to be able to hold up...but then again I ain't the architecture student here, so that's just my best guess. As to the roof, like Shum I don't know about the glass—Lucas Oil can get some funky shadows going on in there when they do open the windows, and it seems like this place would have a similar issue. (I know it gets cold as all get-out up there, but I still wonder why the team is so dead-set on a closed roof. I mean, Minnesotans are used to the weather, I'm sure they can handle it.) I also like the idea of the seats in the inner bowl—but I also have a suggestion: to kinda get around the distance of the closest seats from the sidelines and endzones, might it be possible to stick just a few rows in the empty space you have there now, and just make them a different color, either gray or green so they wouldn't be as noticeable, and then continue the bowl idea around those? (In reality, I'm sure the organization could probably try to place a premium on those field seats..haha.)

All in all, this is a great piece of work

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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Absolutely fantastic. I agree about the glass roof though. Even in the picture, there are some weird shadows that might affect the players.

Why you make fun of me? I make concept for Auburn champions and you make fun of me. I cry tears.
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Great work! However as a landscape architecture student i cant help but be mad at your flat, static lawns! B)

All joking aside, awesome concept. I love the idea of having the stadium shell being the hull of the ship and exposing some of the structural support as the oars. very creative. Maybe a little cheesy but really, really cool

What kind of software are you using for the 3d modeling, rendering etc? Ive often wanted to try and build one of my imagined stadiums in rhino and render it but i just cant find the time. Great to see some really unique sports concepts on here that aren't just uniforms.

zPfTNXq_sm_zpsu3fsswbz.jpg 8DRvuUI_sm_zpsthbhbnio.jpg


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