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2013-14 CHL uniform/logo thread


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"CHANGE IS COMING" for Lethbridge on Thursday. I'm guessing we'll be seeing new uniforms.

This was expected since Washington complained about the uniforms being too similar.


The Lethbridge reporter who broke the story over Twitter also said the new logo and jersey will be the Plane fan designed one from the contest a while back. They guy who designed the jersey also came up with the dark version of it and submitted a whole brand package.


Pic taken from Icethetics.

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Here's the ridiculousness they unveiled today:


The logo looks like a curling rock. Or a H with a tail.

These past few weeks have not been good for teams named Hurricanes who try to rebrand.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of creativity in ANY re-branding that has been done lately. I'm already pessimistic about the new Suns look that's coming. There has to be a way of being creative without ending up with a gaudy '90s look.

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What is going on in Lethbridge?

The splash page for the website has the plane logo on it, on the day they released their new logos, which aren't that.


'Cane Train? What is that? Why not use 'Cane Plane? It still rhymes and has something to do with your identity.

The Calgary Hitmen have been using the Train theme for ads, pre-game videos and screen animations for goals, replays and the like for the past 3 or 4 seasons after they changed their goal horn to a train horn (think LA Kings horn if you don't know the Hitmen one), so why take somebody else's theme?

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Kitchener rangers have a 50th logo and a jersey to go with it. This might have been mentioned already, more than likely but it is a nice look.

That was from this past season.

Ah I see, disregard the comment. Trying to look for news that isn't there....

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