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Charlotte Hornets?

Lights Out

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I don't like the forced basketball in the profile logo. Hugo's basketball nut sack is bad too

I thought that logo looked a bit off...I think your description fits. I can't unsee it now! :/

Still glad they're making the name change and overall the logos are solid.

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News from the FAQ: Profile Hornet is secondary.

New Hugo will be used for mascot branding.

Merch available Jan. 18

Jordan Brand played a part in design (hence Air Jordan 11-like sneakers on new Hugo)

Hugo will return

Hugo/Jerseys in summer

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The new logo is pretty cool. But new Hugo looks kinda dumb. Like he's about to do a little jig or something. I could do without the side view hornet logo also... The CH logo is pretty awesome.

Overall, it's nice to have the Charlotte Hornets in the Association

ya the exclusion of the basketball, and the bent elbows make it look like it's jumping or about to dance, not just flying around which is what i think they were going for.

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