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New Farmers Insurance Logo


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Interesting choice of bringing in a lot of blue. I like this logo a lot. The flower/spikes/explosion brings to mind BP's logo, which has worked out [mostly] well for them.

At the same point, BP's colors (vibrant greens and yellow) also help them stand out from the reds and blues of the petroleum world (Philips, Texaco, Chevron, Shell even...).

With insurance (as I see it), State Farm = red. Allstate = blue. Farmers is now in the middle. Perhaps they could've gone all out with the powder blue, but if they really wanted to stand out, then a vibrant/neon color scheme may have worked better. The problem is: this is insurance we're talking about. It's hard to alter and excite an entire company by branding alone in an industry that's about as fascinating as watching paint dry.

State Farm's been going after the younger market in recent years, and it's been seemingly successful (something I'm sure many didn't think was possible with insurance). I wonder what Farmers' next move will be.

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I enjoy both logo's, but if I had to choose, I would stick with the older logo. It represents a more stout or strong representation with the "shelf" and surrounding containment. I feel the new one kind of "floats."

I like the new one and if there was no comparison available I would say this is a win. But for em the older one is more representational to the company.

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does it remind anybody else of the bp logo?


Scrolling up and down over this logo makes me trip a little bit. Does anyone else have this or was my dad dropping acid during conception?

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