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  2. Does anyone recognize these?
  3. Any word on if the Mets plan to wear their 1969 throwbacks? I can’t imagine they wouldn’t on the 50th anniversary.
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  5. They were the 89ers for over 30 seasons. A name like that is almost perfect for this sort of thing.
  6. Patriots are opening against The Steelers (again). Because Dallas, Cleveland, KC, even the Giants wouldn't be more interesting.
  7. So the NFL is suppose to have 17 “historical” matchups, one each week, for recognition of this year being the 100th anniversary of the nfl.
  8. Ummm....I was totally joking. Trust me, I fully understand following a team on a long playoff run. I've been on a few over the years. My guess is you aren't aware of my "hockey history." I was a Rangers fan from 1992-2011. (I lived in UpState NY from 1990-97.) I moved back to Ohio in the fall of 1997. The Blue Jackets didn't exist yet so I stuck with the Rangers, Long story short, the lost season lockout happened and I completely lost interest in the NHL. By the time the league came back, my interest was gone. It took a couple more seasons before I started getting mildly interested in the game again. It would be another couple years before I was fully back onboard as an NHL fan. By that point I'd been back in Ohio for over 10 years and being a Rangers fan wasn't as much fun as it used to be so I decided to make the switch to my "hometown" team. When the Jackets were still in the West, I still rooted for the Rangers a little, but it was nothing like it was before. When the Jackets were moved to the East and dropped into the same division as the Rangers, I decided I was done with the fan of two teams thing, I had more fun rooting for the Jackets, and here we are. Point being, none of this is "new" to me. Being here with the Jackets has been a lot more fun that it ever was with the Rangers. There's just something better about it being your "hometown team."
  9. A Lions A Vikings B Dolphins (Not going to consider the color tweak as a full redesign) B Seahawks C Jets C Jaguars 2.0 D Titans F Browns F Buccaneers F Jaguars 1.0
  10. Word in the street: Mariners going to be Seattle Pilots vs Orioles (and O's wearing throwbacks for 1969) Mariners wearing "1987" vs Astros who'll be wearing "1989" throwbacks Pirates wearing gold crown pillbox caps vs Phillies Astros will be wearing a hat for 50th anni of Apollo 11
  11. Yeah, people not knowing quidditch was definitely a concern I had. I feel like more people than you think have heard of it, but I also think most of them probably took one look and dismissed it as a dumb sport for nerds or whatever. I definitely knew muggle quidditch existed before starting college but I hadn't really thought to look into it more until it came up at orientation. That said, quidditch hasn't really developed a specific look yet, given that it's only been around since 2005 and a lot of early "uniforms" were just t-shirts with a name on the front and numbers hand-drawn on the back. Pretty much every major sport has the benefit of being around since the 19th century or earlier (which is also why they're major sports). I've been trying to show real-life examples of teams' uniforms so you can get a little more of a feel for the aesthetic, but it's one that's still very much developing. Anyway, thanks for the compliment!
  12. I'm so tired of this team just the bed every single time they make the playoffs, assuming they even get that far.
  13. When was the last time both #1 seeds were eliminated in the first round?
  14. Another gutless effort by the Flames. How do you get a power-play, in overtime, with a chance to even the series, on the road, and register zero shots...
  15. Good News For Calgary Fans. Thanks to Tampa, no one can say Flames are the Softest #1 seed.
  16. The top 2 teams in the Pacific are in a battle of "Hold my Beer" these playoffs.
  17. No reason for the Dolphins to be on MNF, especially at Pittsburgh. I can just imagine the announcers talking about how the Steelers are "moving on" from Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, giving the Dolphins little to no thought.
  18. A Dolphins 2 A Vikings B Lions B Seahawks B Dolphins 1 B Jaguars 2 C Jets F Browns F Jaguars 1 F Buccaneers F Titans
  19. I always thought this one looks miles better for some reason, especially on the uniforms
  20. I feel like a reason there’s no C&C is because (this might just be a personal thing but) quidditch is a super small sport that people rarely know existed in real life. I didn’t until I saw this. So since nobody knows the sport. A lot of people don’t know what the uniforms are supposed to look like, making it hard to criticize. The concepts are good don’t get me wrong. But like compared to football and baseball and stuff, people know the uniforms and we all have our own ideas and opinions on what they’re supposed to look like and what looks best. We don’t have that for quidditch, Atleast I would assume most don’t. Don’t let it discourage you though! Some of these are interesting designs and I like them. Reminds me of @NoE38‘s Markball series. I especially like the simplicity of Lock Havens uniform. I think the shoulder stripe-sleeve pattern could also translate well to the rest of the sports uniforms.
  21. I saw a good suggestion to look to the Lexington Legends mustache as reference, I would definitely do that.
  22. Looks more like the uniforms for a Seattle team than sunny Southern California.
  23. So the 2019 schedule has been released. Bills are playing on Thanksgiving Day for the first time since 1994! In other news, Browns get four primetime games and will play the Jets on MNF Week 2. The Texans will play the Saints in the MNF opener which will be a great matchup.
  24. Best Chargers uniform. Don’t come at me.
  25. Oh but your work's not done and deep down you really do want another round, don't you? What you don't understand yet is the fatigue that comes w/ a deep Stanley Cup run. Every other night for two plus months as the stakes get higher and the beards get longer and the crowds get louder and the nights get longer really takes it's toll after a while. But it's the best vicious cycle ever, and more than worth it. I'm only saying this to you at 11:55 on a Wednesday because I'm bored and because the Jackets scare the crap out of me. Don't exactly doubt a deep Cinderella run, my friend, and yes hope for the leafs .
  26. So more the shape than the thickness? More downward angled than big handlebars?
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