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NFL 2016: The Regular Season Thread


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With all 32 teams now in training camp mode, I figure it's a good time to begin a new NFL regular season thread. But I have a proposition also. Over at another message board, we experimented with specialized weekly threads and I wonder what this board thinks of it. The board in question requires new members to register, so I can only provide a link to the page that hosts the board. Now, what are your preseason predictions?

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5 minutes ago, HedleyLamarr said:

We don't need weekly threads.


I prefer the omnibus threads too. It's fun to go back and see how wrong your September and October posts are. Plus you'd run into a weekly issue where you don't know what thread to post in - where do you talk about what happened compared what's going on the week ahead. It just becomes confusing.

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As always, here's a season predictor thingy:




Be careful with the postseason match ups. It isn't 100% accurate. The program doesn't always have the correct seeds playing each other.


EDIT: Here's my preseason predictions:






y-New England 11-5

x-NY Jets 9-7

Buffalo 9-7

Miami 3-13




y-Cincinnati 11-5

x-Pittsburgh 10-6

Baltimore 7-9

Cleveland 3-13



y-Indianapolis 10-6

Houston 9-7

Jacksonville 6-10

Tennessee 5-11



z-Oakland 11-5

Kansas City 9-7

Denver 9-7

San Diego 8-8





y-Dallas 12-4

NY Giants 8-8

Washington 7-9

Philadelphia 4-12



y-Green Bay 11-5

Minnesota 8-8

Chicago 7-9

Detroit 5-11



z-Carolina 12-4

x-Atlanta 9-7

Tampa Bay 7-9

New Orleans 3-13



y-Seattle 11-5

x-Los Angeles 10-6

Arizona 8-8

San Francisco 4-12



NFL Playoffs



1. Oakland (11-5)

2. New England (11-5)

3. Cincinnati (11-5)

4. Indianapolis (10-6)

5. Pittsburgh (10-6)

6. NY Jets 9-7



1. Carolina (12-4)

2. Dallas (12-4)

3. Green Bay (11-5)

4. Seattle (11-5)

5. Los Angeles (10-6)

6. Atlanta (9-7)



Wild-Card Weekend


Cincinnati over NY Jets

Pittsburgh over Indianapolis


Green Bay over Atlanta

Seattle over Los Angeles


Divisional Round


Pittsburgh over Oakland

Cincinnati over New England


Carolina over Seattle

Dallas over Green Bay


Conference Championships


Cincinnati over Pittsburgh

Carolina over Dallas


Super Bowl LI


Carolina Panthers over Cincinnati Bengals

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52 minutes ago, Rockstar Matt said:

As always, here's a season predictor thingy:




Be careful with the postseason match ups. It isn't 100% accurate. The program doesn't always have the correct seeds playing each other.




My season results (it helps to not look at the season standings as you go; it'd be nice to be able to turn that off):


AFC seeds:

1: Steelers (13-3)

2: Raiders (11-5)

3: Patriots (10-6)

4: Texans (9-7)

5: Bengals (12-4)

6: Bills (10-6)


NFC seeds:

1: Cardinals (13-3)

2: Packers (12-4)

3: Panthers (11-5)

4: Giants (10-6)

5: Seahawks (13-3)

6: Rams (10-6)


Final four:

Steelers over Bengals, Seahawks over Cardinals

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Steelers: the 11th-year revenge



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Updated Aug 31.


1. Pittsburgh 12-4

2. New England 11-5

3. Cincinnati 10-6

4. Oakland 10-6

5. Jacksonville 9-7

6. Kansas City 9-7



1. Seattle 13-3

2. Carolina 13-3

3. Green Bay 11-5

4. Arizona 10-6

5. New York 10-6

6. Washington 9-7


SB Patriots over Packers

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I just went through and clicked on them all willy-nilly. New England was a biased pick as I had them losing to Arizona & Settle. I actuallythonk Oakland will do better than what my results show.


My champ. Game picks: Pats over Steelers, Cards over Seahawks, Pats over Cards in SBLI.


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5 hours ago, Cujo said:

Tony Romo's offseason included a massive amount of lifting (of his spoon and fork!)



"Romo is fat" narrative has been around since he got married in 2011, and more so inbetween the births of their two sons soon after.


From the 2013 OTAs (after son #1, Hawkins and months before he impregnated Candace with #2, Rivers):


Photo credit: Dallasnews.com

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Ended up being much harder than I thought...especially trying to find when to give the bad team that surprise win over a good team. Not too many surprises for my season or Playoff picks though and I managed to pick my team to win the Super Bowl, which I feel a little bit lame doing. They have a legitimate shot, but it just seems way to homer-ish to take them. But I did. I didn't want the Pats beating them. :) 

I think my AFC Divisional Matchups are wrong, since Jacksonville would be the lowest seed left and so, should be playing the Pats (or in my current tired state I just don't know the proper NFL playoff seeding)



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Weekly threads would be a cluster. 


I'm strangely excited for football season.  I think the Bears will still probably suck, but I'm looking forward to seeing what their defense can do.  9-7 would be absolutely spectacular.  

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Using that prediction widget, here's what I got:



East: (1)New England 13-3, Buffalo 8-8, New York 7-9, Miami 4-12

North: (3)Pittsburgh 12-4, (6)Baltimore 10-6, Cincinnati 10-6, Cleveland 4-12

South: (4)Indianapolis 10-6, Jacksonville 7-9, Tennessee 7-9, Houston 5-11

West: (2)Oakland 12-4, (5)Kansas City 11-5, Denver 5-11, San Diego 4-12



East: (4)Dallas 9-7, Washington 7-9, New York 6-10, Philadelphia 5-11

North: (3)Green Bay 12-4, Detroit 7-9, Minnesota 7-9, Chicago 6-10

South: (2)Carolina 13-3, (6)Atlanta 9-7, Tampa Bay 8-8, New Orleans 5-11

West: (1)Seattle 13-3, (5)Arizona 12-4, Los Angeles 5-11, San Francisco 3-13



Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Kansas City over Indianapolis

Green Bay over Atlanta

Arizona over Dallas


New England over Kansas City

Oakland over Pittsburgh

Seattle over Arizona

Carolina over Green Bay


AFC: New England over Oakland

NFC: Carolina over Seattle


Super Bowl: Carolina over New England

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For the first time in years, I will not have the privilege of attending all of my home team's NFL football games due to the simple fact that I no longer have a home team. My initial anger and feelings of betrayal have subsided, however, and I'm actually really excited about the season. For once, I won't wake up every Sunday morning with anticipation and anxiety only to have any feelings of optimism crushed by the inevitable on-field crapfest that the Rams had grown accustomed to bestowing upon the faithful hundreds of fans across the nation and in the stands of the EJD. I'm still convinced that the whole thing was a ploy to uproot them to LA easier; Stan had plans to move the team as soon as old Georgia Frontierre kicked the bucket and every season thereafter seemed to get progressively get worse as far as on-field product, draft choices, fan attendance, and general interest by both the front office and the entire City of St. Louis. The aforementioned factors were, in my opinion, simply a ploy by Kronke to dwindle the fan base and make it ever so easy to move the team in the middle of the night, which he finally pulled off. But I digress.


Yes, I have officially denounced my love of any and all things Rams and instead jumped onto the Carolina Panthers bandwagon... sorta... I've always loved the Panthers' colors and unis since I was a kid and Cam Newton is one of my all-time favorite QBs and athletes in general, so the choice there was pretty simple. I'll have my NFL Sunday Ticket and be able to watch football at my leisure, instead of getting invested in one game that, in the end, will have little to no significance in the outcome of the season. 


Anyway, I ran the predictor the other night and I'll post my results when I get to my computer. I really think the Patriots are due for a fall from grace and teams like the Jaguars, Raiders, and Bills are due to be fairly competitive this year. 

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